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November 19, 2019

Ownboard Electric Skateboard series

The 2019 Ownboard Black Friday Sale is starting now! The biggest deals for you. If you want to own a board from the best then get on this quick!

Insane discounts up to 400$ on Ownboard boards. This is madness! Get the best deal from the 20th to Dec.2th. No codes are needed, just order and complete the deal directly at :  https://www.ownboard.net/collections/boards

Orders will be fulfilled within two working days and free shipping and no taxes to more than 60 counties.Limited stock and time for this sale only. Don't miss out!

Ownboard All Terrain Electric Skateboard Series:

Ownboard All Terrain Electric Skateboard 
Series Carbon Series Bamboo Series
Price Carbon AT+GT Carbon AT Carbon GT Bamboo AT+GT Bamboo AT Bamboo GT
Regular Price US$1,499 US$1,399 US$1,299 US$1,399 US$1,299 US$1,199
Offer US$400 US$400 US$300 US$400 US$400 US$300
Now Price US$1,099 US$999 US$999 US$999 US$899 US$899

  Ownboard Belt Drive Motor Electric Skateboard Series:

Ownboard Belt Drive Motor Electric Skateboard 
Series W2 M1 Kit
Price 4.0Ah Battery 9.0Ah Battery 4.0Ah Battery 9.0Ah Battery Belt Motor Kit
Regular Price US$597 US$697 US$547 US$647 US$249
Offer US$100 US$150 US$100 US$100 US$50
Now Price US$499 US$549 US$449 US$549 US$199

  Ownboard Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard Series:

Ownboard Dual Hub Motor Electric Skateboard 
Series W1S/W1AS/C1S/MINI Stoked mini
Price 4.0Ah Battery 6.0Ah Battery Sanyo Battery 6.0Ah Battery Sanyo Battery
Regular Price US$417 US$457 US$582 US$497 US$612
Offer US$68 US$68 US$83 US$68 US$83
Now Price US$349 US$389 US$499 US$429 US$529


Ownboard Electric Skateboard Parts Series:

Up to 10%Off 


Limited quantity available! Don't miss out!

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