Ownboard 105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit
Ownboard 105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit

Ownboard 105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit




    The specification of the105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit 

    • More power, up to 350W per motor
    • Rubber material absorbs more vibration
    • Suitable for uneven roads(There will be slight vibration on the smooth road because of the pattern of the wheels)
    • Because of the high resistance of rubber, the range will be reduced compared to polyurethane wheels.
    • ESC's software program is different from W1S/C1S/W1AS/MINI, so if you want to upgrade the Wheels, you need to buy both motor and ESC.

    What's in the boxes

    1. Motors*2pcs, 105*66mm, Rubber Wheels, 350W Black, With Double Kingpin truck

    2. Wheels*2pcs, 105*66mm, Rubber Wheels, Black, With Double Kingpin truck

    3. ESC*1pcs Custom with Hobbywing

    4. Remote*1pcs, 3-speed modes with OLED remote


    If you have any other requirements, please write it on the order notes, or confirm it with us.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    The guy
    Awesome upgrade

    I'm really happy I upgraded my motor and ECS.
    It does cut the range in half but I did put it on an old kicktail board which wasn't suggested by the manufacturer because of the height but it didn't really seem to change anything and I like having it kick tail.
    Just having more confidence with rocks on pavement is amazing and being able to rip down compact gravel trails and grass is so much fun.


    Здравствуйте!Когда эти колеса будут в наличии?

    Joohyeong Kim
    Before I buy this, I have some questions!

    Hi, I've enjoyed riding my MINI KT V1.0 board. I'm thinking of upgrading it with this kit and I have a question for you here.
    1.Can I adjust this rubber tires, the motor and the ESC to my MINI? or is it only for the long board decks?(Because of the bigger size of tires, I wanna make sure if it would fit my MINI)
    2. If i can use it for my MINI, how long would I wait for it to be released again?(Since it's sold out at the moment..)

    Sorry , the 105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit is not recommended for the mini KT board because the 105mm wheels are too large for the mini deck and may bite the mini deck,thank you .

    Vlad B
    Where's the new version????????

    When will you release the new version?????????????????????????????????????

    Sorry, our all-terrain rubber Motor kit is currently being tested and optimized. If it is available, we will share more information in our website and Ownboard community. Thanks for your support.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service or email us (ownboard@hotmail.com). You will get more help and faster reply. Thanks

    Are you working on v2?

    Hey, I was wondering are you planning to launch v2 of theese? Looks like you are the only one, who offer in hub motor with rubber wheels!!

    Grégory Forest

    On se croirait à Fort Boyard les gars... Il manque plus que Passé temps et on est bon ! Avec ça je me prend pour le Père Fouras bordel , quand je remonte à Paris depuis mes montagnes je crains plus rien ça passe tout les bitumes les pavés et même les zombies bon ça en chie un peu niveau battery parce que ça tête le bordel mais bon on fait avec, ils sont forts ces Chinois ça boost Ownboard y'a rien à dire, Vive la France et Vive la Chine on lâche rien jusqu'à la Victoire les gars !

    Marco M.
    Best Service , Fast Shipping

    Best Service... they usually reply within 24hrs. Always willing to help.

    Andreas Sturmbauer
    All Terrain Upgrade

    Even without a manual the upgrade is manageable. It takes some time to figure out but is well worth it. Acceleration and uphill performance is effected but over all riding specially over pavement is a lot better.

    Upgrading the electric skateboard is a worthwhile thing. I'm glad you have finished it. Have a nice riding, thank you

    Jeff Fisser
    All terrain motor kit

    Started using the all terrain wheels on my DIY board last December, and I’m very pleased with the driving experience. The acceleration is not as fast as other board but the ride is so much more smooth and the speedcontrole is just perfect. Delivery was also very fast. Received the kit in les then 10 days! All and all, very happy with the motor kit.

    So glad the all terrain wheels makes your driving fun ,have a nice day !


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