Ownboard 105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit

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The specification of the105*66mm All Terrain Rubber Motor Kit 

  • More power, up to 350W per motor
  • Rubber material absorbs more vibration
  • Suitable for uneven roads(There will be slight vibration on the smooth road because of the pattern of the wheels)
  • Because of the high resistance of rubber, the range will be reduced compared to polyurethane wheels.
  • ESC's software program is different from W1S/C1S/W1AS/MINI, so if you want to upgrade the Wheels, you need to buy both motor and ESC.

What's in the boxes

1. Motors*2pcs, 105*66mm, Rubber Wheels, 350W Black, With Double Kingpin truck

2. Wheels*2pcs, 105*66mm, Rubber Wheels, Black, With Double Kingpin truck

3. ESC*1pcs Custom with Hobbywing

4. Remote*1pcs, 3-speed modes with OLED remote


If you have any other requirements, please write it on the order notes, or confirm it with us.