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Free Ship Ownboard Kit [Without Deck]

Battery type
Motor Type

OWNBOARD KIT,Your choice for DIY your OWNBOARD Electric Skateboard
If you have any other requirements, please write it on the order notes, or confirm it with us.
Tiny Kit 

1,single motor*1 ,70mm

2,back truck*1, (assemble with motor,with pu wheel )





7,battery lg3.2ah *1, esc assemble in the case

(battery  and esc assemble in the case, all the things looks like in the picuture)



If you order the kit with Sanyo battery, it comes with a 3A Charger, others with the 2A charger

1 . Motors*2pcs, 90*52mm, SHR85A, 250W Black
2. Wheels*2pcs, 90*52mm, SHR85A, Black
3. Trucks:1*motor truck, 1*wheel truck
4. Remote*1pcs, 2.4G wireless control
5.  Tool*1pcs, "T"tool
6. Ownboard user manual*1pcs
7 . Griptape*1pcs
8. Charger*1pcs, 41.5V 2A DC5.5*2.1(the pin depends on your location)
9 . Ownboard mai nboard*1pcs, FOC
10. Screws*1set
11 . Wires for charge the remote
12. Warning sticker
13 . Pads*1set. 1 for ESC, 1 for battery
14. Enclosure*1set , 1 battery enclosure,1 mainboard   enclosure with lcd display 
15 . Bumber* 1set
16. Tail light
17 . (with or without )Battery, depends on which one you choose
Other things as you see in the picture