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Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39
Ownboard AT1W (39

Ownboard AT1W (39") Off Road All Terrain Electric Skateboard(Available)

US$949.00 US$749.00
2020 New electric skateboard with High-quality, comfortable and powerful electric skateboard.

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Why AT1W is the Best Comfortable Commuter Board

The Newest Rubber Wheels for Hub Motor

  1. AT1W using 105mm wheels. Large wheels for enhanced ride comfort
  2. Unlike many traditional PU tires used on skateboards, This special rubber tire has improved friction. Especially if it doesn’t slip when it meets water.
  3. Superior wear resistance, riding 800 km without any damage.
  4. It is can absorbs vibration during riding.

Specially designed curved deck

The deck is an important part of the electric skateboard, which is why we have worked hard on the deck of the AT1W. It has a specially designed curved shape (Drop-type) that is more suitable for your feet and provides extra support for your feet as you ride, making it easier to control the skateboard.

Product Specifications

Max Speed: Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (25 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (35 km/h)
Proficient Mode: 25mph (45 km/h)
Range On Full Charging: 18650 5P10S 14.5Ah 522Wh: 24 miles (40 kilometers)
The actual range depends on many factors(like rider's weight, average riding speed, road condition, and wind speed, etc), the range declared here is derived under the typical condition: 75kg rider's weight, 30 km/h average speed, gentle breeze, flat smooth road.
Max Load: : 120 kg (265lbs)
Up Hill: 25%~30%
Weight: 12.5kg (27.5lbs)
Deck: Fiberglass Bamboo Canada Maple, 39 Inches / 990 mm, Drop designed
Motor: 1200W Dual Brushless Hub-Motor, 105-110*66 mm, with 70A Rubber Wheels.
Battery: Safe and powerful lithium-ion battery, Sanyo GA 18650 4P10S 14Ah

Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 42V 3A
Charging Time: 3-4 hours

FOC ESC: Maybe the most stable ESC for electric skateboard, Solid PCB housing to avoid broke and waterproof. (Different software programs compared to other Ownboard models)
2.4G Wireless Remote: Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch, No disconnection issue Smoother, Acceleration & Braking Lights & vibration to remind power & connection
What’s in the Box: 1 x Completely Assembled eBoard
1 x OLCD Remote, with USB charging cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x Rear LED light
1 x User Manual
1 x Dash-proof Rubbers

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Roope Mononen
Very nice board

I love this board! Only minus is boards heavy weight , but thats understandable because of big battery.

Ownboard AT1W electric longboard

Received my Ownboard after about 31 days after purchase. A bit of a long wait, but it arrived in one piece and within their estimates. Only had a few runs on the board. On UK roads and paths, not great surfaces, but the board performed well and was comfortable.
The semi AT wheels do the job and feel good, jumping over the cracks and have plenty of grip. especially in the wet and damp.
The carving experience with the kingpin trucks is nice and smooth. Still need to figure out settings for the best carve and speed.
The settings on the remote take a little getting used to, quite a bit of jolt in acceleration from speed two and three.
Brakes feel nice, but could do with better and harder braking as it takes a bit of time to stop. I haven't yet tried this with speed two and three. hoping the brakes will improve with the higher speeds.
My only complaint with the remote is that it could be made a little smaller to accommodate wrist guards pads. It is a little bulky. The skating tool allen key is a little smooth and doesn't fit the hex screws (wrong size?).
Overall, I like it. The board doesn't let on that it's electric longboard as no motors are showing, and it's really quiet! The only time I've had the police speak to me was because my shredlight caught their attention and they even thought the board was cool.

Sonny Hardman
Love it!

Lots of power and handles very nicely

Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Value for money

Everything is as promised. Great value for its money since it is half price from the others I was looking at.
+ Works properly, nice feel of carving, good battery and speed.
- Some more indicators would be helpful (for instance - how long will take the battery too be charged), the manual can be improved, better communication.

Tim Conversi
Awesome Board

Great board. More power than my road board but not a true off road. It’s tyres allow for more comfortable street riding but needs that inflatable tyres to go off road. Still a great board for what I want.

Steve Herrmann
Awesome Board

Quick Background, I am 54 years old, just started skating this past summer, I own a Meepo V3 and a Vestar City SUV... I decided I wanted to add another board that was unique, the V3 is great, speedy carving machine and the Vestar is belt drive AT that I can change out the wheels. The Ownboard fits somewhere in between and I love it! I love hub motors and these did not disappoint! The 105mm wheels are a great addition as they roll over cracks and gravel pretty effortlessly. The motors ride quite and give some nice torque as well. The board has a slight drop down which is great for knowing foot placement. I have not been able to fully test the range yet but from what I can tell it has plenty of range and pretty sure that it will go at least 20miles. Of course with the large battery comes the trade off of weight, it is heavy but I would expect that with amount of battery it has. In terms of speed I have gotten to 21/mph on level 2, thats max speed for me, but suspect it has more to get up into the high 20's on the highest setting. As several reviewers have posted make sure you tighten the bushings down as far as you can, the double king pin trucks are extremely responsive and can feel a little out of control until you tighten them down completely and then it felt great, you make can super tight turns even with them tightend down. lastly I love the remote, feels good in the hand, just be careful, the speed level adjustment button is on the front so you tap it by mistake if not careful (level1,2,3) Lastly I am curious about the wheels and the ability to change the sleeves on the back, I took off the cover and the it appears that they can be replaced, but not sure if Ownboard has the sleeves available. In summary, I love this board, it fills a really great niche of riding, it is not an off-road board it is more like a semi-off road, for true off road you really need a 6 in+ wheel for that. I love this board alot and cant wait for summer to really go all out. Thanks Ownboard!

Jakia Her
Awesome Board!

It was a present for my little brother and he just absolutely loves it!

Amazing Board!

Excellent build quality, ride quality and esthetics.
I spent a few weeks looking at reviews and features of this and others. Boy am I glad I chose this one!
From price, looks, quality and performance 5 stars all around!

Sean Wagar

So much fun to ride, this is my first E board but it is awesome, very easy to use and understand controls. Board is solid and works well on all of the roads I’ve ridden on so far. Most of the commutes I use it for are well under the range.
Very happy with my purchase. By one!!

Alex Chen
Happy with purchase, room for improvements

The Off Road All Terrain E-Board is my first skateboard purchase ever and I am happy with the product. The build is sturdy and good quality, there's good connection between the board and remote for no lag, the 105mm wheels are great and make the ride more enjoyable as you are able to ride over small/minor street cracks, etc. without a lot of hassle.
I have some suggestions for the next version:
1) Aim to make the board lighter. This is probably always the case but the current board is VERY heavy so keep that in mind.
2) Maybe include a hidden handle under the deck for easy transport? This relates to #1 as the board is very heavy and difficult to carry when needed.
3) Turn on the board through the remote. Any way to reduce the user from bending down is ideal. This is a UX thing that users appreciate. On that note maybe an option for push-to-start?
4) Consider a remote that is universal for left/right handed people.
5) Improved battery life. I know this is limited by current battery tech but I am finding my remote and board losing energy a little too quickly on non-demanding short rides.
6) Consider any ways to make the ride smoother. Maybe an option for shock absorbers? Maybe rethink the tire choice, would puncture-resistant air tires be a smoother, lighter ride?
Overall I am happy with the purchase. I am a former UX designer and am happy to work with you on the next iteration, as well as test any prototypes you have coming down the road. Good job Ownboard team!

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