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Ownboard Power Component: 2 Motors+1 ESC+1 Remote

If you like our motor and ESC, but now you have the electric skateboard and use this component, you can easily replace it. Upgrade a stable and new experience of electric skateboard. Component price is free shipping.

OWNBOARD ESC Control System is the most stable and safest control system on the market. The detailed specifications are as follows:

1. Use the 2.4G module for transmission, the ESC and the remote have an antenna to enhance the signal. The receiving distance in the open area can reach 15M, and there is no problem of dropping the signal.

2. The internal electronic components are fixed with resin, which can be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The E-skateboard is a high speed moving product, and many ESC can shock the electronic components in the process of use.

3.ESC functions: over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, full power downhill overshoot protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, blocking protection and signal interruption protection. ESC will remind us through vibration when we appear any faults in driving. Let's make protective measures ahead of schedule.

4. Battery display: The remote controller can display the power of the skateboard and the remote control.

5.ESC and motor through the waterproof joint connection, can prevent wrong wiring, at the same time convenient after sale.

MOTORS: 90*52mm SHR 85A BLACK 250W

We can also assemble the motor with truck if you want. You can order the truck, we can assemble to them together. 

Customer Reviews

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Best skateboard upgrade ever

The board I’ve been riding for 19 years has been my baby through thick and thin. I’ve upgraded wheels bushings and trucks, But nothing could compare to the trucks and esc I bought that came in 10 days from south of China. They have been friendly people who reached out to me and actually friended me on fb. Now for the performance!! I did a diy board and I furnished the battery pack not recommended. When I got all my electrical hooked up I was completely blown away by hows much power this tank has. If I was to do it all over again, I would have bought the complete kit with battery. I saved only a small amount of money but I’ve struggled to securely fasten the batteries, like ownboard’s pack and cover. I love my creation and. This thing is completely awesome. Plenty of speed, great breaks. The remote is nice esc is water proof. The connections they came up with are a special connection that does both the power to the motors and hall sensor wires all in 1 plug and wire per motor, very tidy. Nice work ownboard! The speed control has also provided great range. The whole setup even turns itself off if you leave it on. my first experience was standing on it on the carpeted floor of my house and I nearly flew off as I pushed the throttle forward. I had no idea. Also it goes up my steep driveway with no problem.