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Ownboard W1AS KT (36.2") - Electric Skateboard

Free shipping and no taxes. Good quality & comfortable & powerful electric skateboard in 2019.

Battery Capacity
Gripe type
Motor Type


The most stable ESC in an electric skateboard with water- & shockproof frame.  

2.4G Wireless Remote:  
3 speed modes available for different top speeds. Its ergonomic design with soft touch and power remider ensures that the eBoard accelerates & brakes smoothly.  

The highly rated Samsung 30Q battery with a max. double discharge rate of 30A (compared to LG 6.4 Ah which only has 20A).  This reduces the  v oltage sag and allows the electric skateboard to keep going on high speeds even when the battery power is low. (Note: The ESC max discharge rate is 24A, Samsung 4.0  is 44A, Samsung 6.0 is 30A, SANYO 20700 is 24A). Expensive compared to SANYO,  Samsung 30Q is the best choice.    

Power Display   : 
You can easily check the battery level of your electric board on the lateral frame.

Ceramic Bearings:  
Our professional durst- & waterproof ball bearings out of ceramic material ensures an unopposed sliding, even when you are driving on high speed for a longer time.   

Exchangeable PU-Wheels:  
Adds the option of interchanging different wheel-rubbers  & colors, as well as you can just replace them for newer ones. 

Regenerative Braking:  
The battery will be recharged while braking or riding downhill so that your electric board restores some energy and expand your range    for a longer ride.  


Top Speed:      
Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)      
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)      
Proficient Mode: 25mph (40 km/h)      

Range on full charging:      
SAMSUNG 4.0 : 9.5-12 miles (15~18.5 km)      
SAMSUNG 6.0: 12.5-14 miles (20~22.5 km)      
SANYO: 16-19 miles   (25.5~30.5 km)   
(The advertised speed rating is based on a 70 kg rider in stable weather conditions at 0 degree incline. We do not guarantee all users will reach the advertised speed as it    depends on rider weight, aerodynamics, incline, weather and many other factors.)  

Max Load:      
120 kg (265lbs)  

Up Hill:      

7.6 kg(16.8lbs)   

1 Layer bamboo + 7 Layers Maple, 36.2*9.45 inches, with Kicktail, Stable designed 

250W Dual Brushless Hub-Motor, 90*54 mm, with 85A highly elastic PU-Wheels   

Safe & Powerful Li-ion Battery, Samsung 18650 & Sanyo 20700, 2P10S  

Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz  
Output: 42V, 2A (SANYO with 3A)  
Charging time: 2-3 hours 

What is in the Box  
1 x completely assembled eBoard      
1 x remote with USB charging cable      
1 x extra foam for you to do deck swap       
1 x certificated charger      
1 x DC port charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)      
1 x T-tool       
1 x rear LED light      
1 x user manual       
1 dash-proof rubbers       

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Best budget board in it's range

if i can't kill this board, you also won't be able to


Board works great! Took a bit to get there, but is so much fun!

Excellent purchase

The board is awesome. I’m so excited to have an electric skateboard now. This board is the perfect size for easy handle and cruising. Love it, thanks.


On arrival the lcd screen was not fitted properly with large gaps water could enter around it, also one of the hub motors doesn’t perform nere as well as the other causing some consern. It does reach advertised top speeds but the range is about half what was expected.

Awesome board

Ordered my w1as KT on black Friday and got the board 17 days later. It's great, fast, grippy and handles nice. Would like a bit more flex, but I love the KT boards portability. I got like 13 miles on my first ride. I would recommend this board for sure.


My son loves it so much!!! best present ever. It up and halls. If you can stand on a board than you can do this. I’ve even tried it myself. Really easy!!!

Best purchase ever

My son who is an avid skateboarder thought that he knew everything there was to know about skateboarding. He opened his gift and to his surprise he got his first Ownboard. He said it was the best gift he’s ever gotten.

Alright little board

To start off, this is my first eboard ever, first time ever riding a skateboard. I recommend a larger board for people like me who are new at this, it allows for some flex which makes it much more comfortable and easy to ride. That being said, after a couple days riding this thing around campus, the battery has exceeded expectations, the turning is tighter than you might think, and it's got a good top speed that's a lot of fun. For the price, I don't think I could get a better board. It does rattle tho, quite a lot when on rough sidewalk

Good first board

Bird is good battery has lasted well when riding. I haven’t really tested the boards distance but at over 210 lbs I have a feeling I won’t be able to go the full distance lol. Reccomend for anyone looking to get into electric boards

Hope OWNBOARD brings you more and more fun and looking forward your FIVE-STAR review .^_^
Great board for all skill levels

I spent two years researching electric skateboards before finally feeling like the technology was mature enough and the kinks had been worked out of the system, and this Ownboard takes all the best components and design considerations in the industry and puts them into one affordable package. Deck construction, battery options, the ESC and remote, the hub motors and trucks/wheels are all top-notch. I've had the board for about a month, and it's been through 16 charge cycles. It's powerful, fast, smooth, stable, and the range of the 6.0 amp Samsung battery is as advertised if you go easy on the acceleration and speed. The acceleration curve is silky, I've had no remote disconnects, the battery stays strong and doesn't sag through 90% of its charge, I can push it like a regular skateboard if I want, and the kicktail is perfect if you're used to street decks and more precise control during city rides. For the price of this board, you're really getting a lot and can feel confident that it's a great value. I purchased mine with replaceable PU hubs, and so far they've held up with little visible wear for 150-200 miles, although I tend toward riding on smoother surfaces. One thing I would love is a motor sleeve that had more PU. A sleeve that brought the hub motor up to 100mm would add cushioning on sidewalks and rougher roads and extend the life of the sleeve. Keep in mind I like stiff decks and come from a street skating background. If you're into longboarding and want a flexier board, you would probably be better off with a different deck style. One last thing: the shipping was fast compared to some other manufacturers. It only took about 10 calendar days to get here! Also: I've had nothing but fun on this thing! Also also: a relative who rode it ran over a squirrel! So watch out for squirrels! But know that if you hit one, you won't even feel a bump because this thing has been manufactured to exacting squirrel-hardened specifications for just such eventualities!

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