List: Replace Walking Tools

by Joe Jose on September 17, 2018

We live in the city,very demanding to solve
Home to subway station, subway station to company
These three to five kilometers of short-distance travel.

The following
Take you to inventory a variety of travel tools
According to your own situation, choose the right one.

NO.1 Solo Wheel
Solowheel is a unicycle electric car.
The maximum speed is 20km/h, it takes 45 minutes to charge once, it can be used for 2 hours when fully charged, and it weighs 20 pounds. It can drive on mountain roads with slopes of 30° or more.

NO. 2 Walk Car
The WalkCar is only as big as a notebook.
It can also be placed in a bag.
The top speed can reach 10km/h, and the longest stroke can reach 12km when charging for 3 hours. The lightweight aluminum alloy material can withstand up to 120kg and the weight is 2~3kg.

Walk CarNO.3 RevoBot
The RevoBot balance car uses advanced control panels, LEDs, Bluetooth speakers, and Samsung batteries to complete charging in 2 hours, with a maximum speed of 7Km/h.
Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite music


NO. 4 Ownboard electric skateboard
According to the Ownboard design team, this electric skateboard can help commuters to move from one place to another faster and more effortlessly, and the products are also very portable.

The final design weighs 10kg, which allows the rider to accelerate and decelerate through the remote control, with a maximum speed of 40km/h and an hour of charging for 30km.

Ownboard E-boardNO. 5 Electric scooter
Seeing Scrooser's first look always thinks of the mini version of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, big tires, masters, and domineering.

The fastest speed is 25km/h, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge, and the longest driving distance can reach 55km. The weight of the car is 28Kg.

Technology makes our lives easier!

Ownboard e-boards

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