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Ownboard 2P10S XT-60 Battery Samsung 4.0 and Samsung 6.0 and Sanyo 20700

Just rattling

I will be in contact with the awesome custumer service, and will see to figure it out...

Non reception of a paid ownboard

I order two ownboard under my name kevin blanchette and i only receive one of them but both got paid.... what the fuck is going on , i want my ownbord or my money back please

Great board at a great price!

Board arrived undamaged and pristine. The box was packaged really well and secured...no damaged done to the shipping box (surprisingly). Battery was at 100%. I had to tighten the trucks because they were so loose. The board was a lot heavier than I anticipated.

Initial thoughts on week 1 - Absolutely no flex on the board, so you will feel every single bump, gravel, and stone. The torque is strong with this one; got thrown off the board first time on it. Make sure you ease into the cruising speed. Went about 8.5miles and still had about 50% battery left. For reference, I am 5'11'' @ 185lbs (on a good day). Speed wobbles....be careful of speed wobbles. All-in-all, I would recommend this board 100%.

The handle is rough and not center on the weight of the skateboard

Great E-skateboard

Shipped fast and great quality board. Really enjoy riding it. Keep it up guys!

Best electric skateboard!

After whole month riding to work I can fully recommend it! I bought Tesla batteries and they are amazing!

Ownboard W2 belt

Today i did my first range test on mode 1 (slow mode). Speed 21km/h (77KG). My total range was about 26 kilometers (used a gps ap) i went at full speed when possible and at the end i still had 43% battery left. So good job in my opinion. a 21 km/h speed is a nice starting cruising speed and a save speed. 1 or 2 bearings on my front right wheel makes a lot more noice. Bearings are dry bearings and white ceramic.

I did notice that i have to thighten the front wheels nuts more than i want so there is no play on the wheels but at the cost of wheel spin (only 5/6 seconds). When you slide the wheel bearings over the truck wheel mounts there is considerable play. I don't know if this is normal and if for example caliber trucks would have a better fit.

But overall i like the board, the way it performs and the range it gave me on slow mode.

Great board, great service!

I’m new to the e-skate world and after doing a lot of research, Ownboard seem to be ticking all the boxes. As a kook to e-skate (but boarding for years) I can honestly say this was an easy transition on this board and I’m just starting to push it’s capabilities and it’s giving me a lot back. Pretty smooth ride, comfortable responsive flex in the deck and great range so no complaints. Scaled a hill (slowly) that I’m pretty sure was closer to 40% and had me rolling slowly down the same one whilst braking. Setup feels solid.

Ownboard Mini KT (30") - Electric Skateboard

Love it!

Don't know why most people don't talk about this board it's the best you can get for the price.

20 days ago we fulfilled your order of 1 x Ownboard W1AS KT (36.2") - Electric Skateboard from ou...

Excitedly waiting! An update would be nice...

Great board

The board is really smooth. The boards that you buy extra do not come installed. But over all the board is really good.

Great price for what you get!

the board has great grip, the plank feels sturdy yet bounces enough, the speed is insane (this is my fist electric board so cant realy say but still..) the controler is realy nice as well, you will see scratches on it but thats ok. im verry pleased with this.
Downside, the rear light rubber band break wihin a day and i lost my rearlight so that sucks becouse at night this is not safe at all

So far very good board & fast shipping!

Received my board a week ago (2 weeks shipping to Germany). I'm impressed by the power of the board - USE FIRST GEAR ON FIRST RIDE! Nice design and good feel.Chose the recommended Samsung 6.0.

Nice and smooth

I got this esc too replace the one in the meepo kit I put on my longboard.Its nice and smooth whith no bump cutouts,I should've got the one in the Ownboard case though, it would've fit better.

Great board!

How awesome! Haha I love your boards by the way. Awesome quality for the price. Taking over Boosted! Lol

W2 Board

Where can I buy some extra belts?

No worry, We will upgrade all the parts in our website. Also will with the kegel pulley
Best £300 I’ve ever spent!

I work in London and I was tired of getting the bikes to work! I have longboard casually for about 4 years so this was pretty easy for me to pick up. It is very quick, brakes excellently and takes hills like they are nothing.

The shipping to the UK took about 13 days which is excellent from China, and there was no import customs charge!

I highly recommend this board for anyone looking to commute on one of these or for a casual hobby on the weekends!

Thank you for your praise, I wish you every day. Remember to wear a helmet while riding
No battery box or grip tape

I never received my battery box or the grip tape that was promised me.

Hi, John Do you received the new tracking number for the loss parts?

[Free Ship] OWNBOARD E-Skateboard W1(38") Deck(Assembled)

Loving my board

My board is fantastic, I can't keep off it!
This is an excellent product and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Thank you for your support. Tell your friends how fun with it.