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Range Monster, Carving Beast, Comfort Master

My Zeus Max 2WD (1170Wh) is the reason why I sold my other 3 boards - it is just delivering pure esk8 freedom: nimble carving in any situation but very stable at open throttle, super long range with ultra comfortable deck for long rides. Perfect esk8 cruiser - just get one.


I love this board, full video review here: YouTube video placeholder

It is soooo good
Onlybthe brakes are realy weak even at 100%. That might be a deal breaker becuase i dont dare to ride aeound people now bevcause i cant stop.

Ownboard Zeus Bamboo

Just ticked over 210 miles on my bamboo Zeus! Absolutely love this board and the way the deck feels, perfect width and looks absolutely amazing ripping down the road! I will say it came with the truck bolts too loose for my liking and the bash guard does need red loc tite so it doesn’t rattle but this is a solid machine and really gives you confidence to push it when you have it dialed in correctly


Vraiment une très bonne planche . Livraisons rapide ici en France et une très bonne rapidité de réponse aux questions. Merci

Ownboard Mini KT (30") - Electric Skateboard|Dual Hub Motor|Best choice for Commute?

Absolutely my favorite thing to do every day is ride this board after work or class. This is my third one in the span of about two years, they last a while but I recommend replacing the wheels often

Ownboard Zeus pro Bamboo

Awesome board was definitely worth the wait!! Arrived earlier than expected 🤗 I have other carbon boards and really wanted to try the bamboo board, so Glad I did I love it good job ownboard .... !!
I only have one issue with the board it came with buckled wheels from transporting China to Australia, contacted ownboard no worries covered by warranty ... Happy Dayz 🌴

Cloudwheel 120mm

Great wheels. I like How smoothie they run.

Own Board Review

I throughly enjoy the Ownboard I received in the mail. It came fairly quickly and they were responsive throughout the entire purchase. It has a lot of power and is definitely worth the money. Will be buying again in the future!

It broke like a week after

Had the board for years was bound to happen at some point.

I really, really love this board.

I've had a few boards - Evolve GTR, Evolve Hadean, Metroboard X, Acedeck Nomad N1.

My N1 died after 3 months and the warranty process has been a nightmare. It's a bit faster than the Zeus Pro, but worse range and, well, it died after 3 months.

I don't trust the Evolves, they just feel dangerous and have dodgy batteries.

THIS board...I just love so, so much. I love so much about it. It's stable at over 50km/hr, it's carvy, it does pretty well on light off road (I ride trails and grass), the controls are very responsive, the range is great. I just TRUST it, it's been very reliable. I've started commuting on it most days, about a 40 minute super hilly/curvy commute that cuts through a national park. The Zeus Pro handles it so, so well. Even on rainy days!

I run mine on Meepo Cyclone 110 wheels, and that wheel switch made me REALLY fall in love with this board. Those wheels are the best of all worlds, and a bargain too.

Put this one on your short list. It's genuinely an awesome board.

Skate jamais reçu

3 mois que j'attends la livraison de mon skate board 0 nouvelles je vous déconseille de commander sur ce site je pense que je ne vais jamais le recevoir....
Je suis très déçu je pensais que le site internet était sérieux...

Belt Drive Motor (1 Pcs) Thompson
Prompt delivery, great customer service as always.

Motors work great and look great too with the redesign

Took a couple months

I got it package damaged but remote was covered in bubble wrap item was fine

Best board ever !!

I started out on a cheap board and bought many boards after that I never thought about spending so much money on a board but once I sawl this one I just went with it and it’s hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made I ride for miles and miles everyday and have yet to have any major issues with the board it’s super strong and comfortable and carving is so smooth !!!

Awesome wheels that look great!

Just received my wheels from ownboard and I'm loving the transformation so far

Most Comfortable Board On The Market

This is the best board both range and comfort wise for the price. This board is 200-400$ cheaper than other boards at this quality from other brands for less performance. The only thing is the Remote is a bit outdated but that doesn’t really matter as you don’t look at it while riding.

I recently had my board burned from a fire and knew exactly what board to get. Would definitely recommend and you won’t regret

Simply put, the best board in the world!

This board is, simply put the best board in the world! It’s a tank! Fast, smooth, goes through pretty much anytime and just won’t break! I’m saving now to get a new one after 3 years of joy on my old one I thought it’s time to retire her. Thanks ownboard.

4WD beats any hill

- Customer Service very responsive.
- 4WD climbs %60 inclines
- Acceleration is 20 feet in 2 seconds.
- Battery lasts for 30 miles

6 inch tube

No holes and no problems installing. Love my bored haven’t had any problems but wish they could have products in America so shipping is faster because I use my bored as a daily to get around town. So it did suck having to wait awhile because I needed new tubes for my bored but all around pretty good product.


The best, fastest and most trouble-free electric skates at the moment 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

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Best Long range 2 in 1

i ride a LOT of boards. its tough to get a long range 2 in 1 production board with long range, a solid deck with good concave thats not bulky and chunky. This seems to be the only one! and ownboard again has not disappointed. Trend setters!

Good as fuck man!!!!!

Fucken he'll is some good shit right here!!!!!

This board is GREAT!

I bought this board a year after it came out. I didn't see many reviews on it so I just bought off of specs. This board is everything I expected it to be and more! The deck is perfect with it's slight flex. The trucks are suuuuper stable, they battery lasts forever, and plenty of power for hills! I weigh about 180lbs and this board FLYS with me on it! I changed a couple things here and there, just because I like modifying things, but you don't have to! Leave it stock and you'll enjoy this board for years to come! Ride safe! 🤙💪

Ownboard Battery Pack For W1S Mini C1S W2 M1 W2 PRO