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All of the products OWNBOARD provides are brand new and high quality. Our QC engineers test every single product once we get the item from our manufacturer. Before we ship the item, our engineer test again and our packing team carefully check if the accessories are right and electrical socket adapter are correct for your shipping address. All products from OWNBOARD are with 90 days warranty.(Since the PU wheel is a high consumable item, it is no longer covered by the warranty. )If you find your product not working or with something else wrong, please feel free to contact OWNBOARD customer service. As dropshipping is available on OWNBOARD, for those dropshippers, our customer service and warranty also apply to your customers.


Warranty and return policy

From November 21, 2020, OWNBOARD has upgraded the warranty period of all models to 180 days, covering any manufacturing defects of all OWNBOARD models.

All products provided by OWNBOARD are brand new and high quality. After obtaining the parts from the manufacturer, our quality control engineer will test each part. Run the OWNBOARD board for 3-5 hours before shipping the goods to ensure that you receive a strong and intact product. Our packaging team will carefully check whether the accessories are correct and whether the power adapter fits your shipping address.

If you need a spare remote control or battery, you can buy them separately in our shop. If you do not see the part listed, please contact ownboard@hotmail.com. We also provide a 90-day warranty for the parts you purchased separately on our website.

1. If you encounter any product problems, please contact us via email ownboardservice@outlook.com, provide your order number, photos or videos of detailed problem descriptions (if necessary) so that our engineers can quickly find the problem and provide the solution.

2. We will analyze your problems and provide solutions. By replacing the damaged parts, the OWNBOARD skateboard can be easily repaired. If the skateboard is still under warranty, we are happy to diagnose and send replacement parts for your circuit board for free, free shipping and free parts. If the product exceeds the warranty period, we will charge the cost of the parts and the resulting shipping costs.

3. If the problem still exists after diagnosis, we will continue to help you find the correct replacement parts until the problem is solved.

4. We will answer all questions within 24 hours within working days. If you send your questions during the weekend and other holidays, please look forward to the reply after the next business day. The replacement parts will be sent within 3 days after your request is submitted.

5. Battery water damage, wheel wear and any man-made damage (including impact) are not covered by the warranty. Please always use the original charger to charge the circuit board. Otherwise, the battery may be damaged or even catch fire. This damage is not covered by the warranty.

Refund and return policy:
1. We do not accept returns. If you encounter any product problems, please contact the after-sales department via email ownboardservice@outlook.com, we will try our best to find a solution for you.

2. After ship, we do not provide refunds. If your order has been shipped from the OWNBOARD factory, we will not be able to cancel the order for you, because after the order is forwarded to the logistics company, we will not be able to operate and cannot intercept the product.
If your order has not been shipped from OWNBOARD Factory, we allow you to cancel the order. To cancel an order, please send an email to our customer service department ownboard@hotmail.com to check the status of your order. If the order is successfully cancelled, we will refund your order within 3-7 working days.

3. If you have used the product and regarded it as "used", we will not provide any refund.

4. If the product you ordered is artificially damaged or modified, we will not provide any refund.

5. If your order is lost during shipping or customs clearance, we will notify you and let you decide whether you want a refund or a free return. (If you choose to refund, we will not refund the shipping cost)

Q:When does the  180 days warranty start from?

A:The warranty period begins from date of order. The period is exactly 180 days from that time. For example, a product on the 180th day is covered, but a product after the 180th is no longer covered. In the case of delivery methods or destinations which lack a confirmed delivery tracking date, we will take the assumption that the warranty period starts 30 days after the order date.


Q:My Package is lost?

A:We will fully refund to you or resend a new one to you ,if the official logistics website shows your package is lost.


Q:I want to buy additional accessory for my item.
My item's accessories is broken and I need to buy a new one.

A:Please contact our customer representative with item # /item link by Email, and we will calculate the accessory price and shipping fee for you.Of course, you can also buy directly on the website.


Q:I don't get the user manual from the package.

A:Please contact us directly, and we can sent it to you by Email.


Q:If I buy the board from a friend is the warranty still covered? 

A: The warranty is non transferable and only applicable to the original purchaser.


Q:Are surf adapters compatible?

A:No. They are not compatible and we highly recommend against using them as our products  were not designed to be compatible nor used with surf adapters due to the excessive amounts of stress that would be exerted on the decks.   Using surf adapter WILL VOID your warranty.


Q:I want to know if my item is exception to warranty.

A:We don't offer warranty and support for below conditions:
The item is not bought from us.
You have flashed the firmware of a device.
You have opened the body in an attempt to fix.
You have used the item that is not considered normal usage.
Accessories are not covered the same warranty that applies to the main product.
In cases to damage to products, accidental breakage, misuse, or wear and tear, you will need to pay the repair fee for that.