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Drop Shipping Service is Always Accessible on Ownboard, There is No Any Restriction or Contract.

How to start drop shipping on Ownboard?

Please register on our website at first, just do it normally. There is no special drop shipper account on our website, you don't need to bother.you can contact us, we will see what best price we can provide for you according to specific orders. The longer you deal with us, the more discount you will get. 

As all the product information is listed on our website, just feel free to copy the photos, product description from our website

You can place the orders on our website after you get orders from your customers. For many products, we offer "Ship Within 24H" service now, so your customers will receive their orders soon. 

We ship orders according to shipping addresses, so you just need to make sure the shipping addresses are correct. If you have many orders with different shipping addresses, you can send us a spreadsheet or something else with the addresses, we will place the orders for you. 

Please leave a comment with "dropship order" while you place an order. We will not reveal any information of our company to your customers. 

All the dropshippers are welcome! You don't need to store any products, also nothing to worry about. Just place the orders on our website, we will take care of the rest for you.


    What is the Ownboard Wholesale Program?

    In Ownboard the more you buy, the more you can save. Now all retail customers can enjoy this incredible experience thanks to our Ownboard Wholesale Program. Save money by adding more products to your shopping cart and enjoying a higher discount on your wholesale orders.


    Why choose the Ownboard Wholesale Program?

    - No joining fees;
    - 5%-15% wholesale discounts and bulk buy discounts, which can be used at the same time;
    - Special coupons, which can not be used together with your wholesale discounts;
    - Several Ownboard points accredited to your Ownboard account after your order has been shipped;
    - Professional products descriptions and images without a logo;
    - Neutral packaging;
    - Personalized customer care performed by sales managers;
    - Many payment methods available for wholesale orders;

    VIP Level Benefits

    Would you like to know about Ownboard's VIP benefits? You will find all the information on this page. Ownboard currently has 4 VIP levels in place: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Did you know that you can already become a bronze VIP reseller with just a few orders! Read more below.

    Which VIP level are you?

    Your VIP level will increase whenever you have achieved a certain transaction value threshold. The table below shows the threshold values for each VIP level.

    How can I contact you for more assistance or info about the Wholesale Program?

    WhatsApp: +8618580571703 

    Email: ownboard@hotmail.com