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  • Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

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About the Bamboo ZEUS Pro

Ask and ye shall receive! We heard you loud and clear. We have made it known that we refuse to accept the status quo. We went back to the drawing board and studied every detail of the Zeus Pro. We collated every single feedback we received from our product testers, ambassadors and customers to concoct our latest and greatest creation the Bamboo Zeus Pro.

It’s no secret that the Zeus deck is one of the most comfortable and stable decks currently available on the market. It allows for precise carving and board control while taking into account human ergonomics to avoid hotspots that form over extended rides, especially with the advent of large capacity battery packs. Nonetheless, there was room for a more flexible twin that shares the same DNA as its ballz to the wallz twin : the Carbon Zeus Pro. The Carbon Zeus Pro is to Yin what the Bamboo Zeus Pro is to the Yang.

To create the Bamboo Zeus Pro that we envisioned, we focused on delivering a more lively ride. Something that allows deeper and harder carves. We poured our attention in every detail of the deck. We made over a dozen prototype decks with different layups, shapes and constructions then sent them to our beta testers all over the world to pinpoint and dial in the perfect ride.

We focused on the flex of the board to allow the maximum amount of bounce to every ounce you push into your carves. We focused on the construction that allowed maximum durability that will weather any storm. Lastly we focused on the shape of the deck to allow the perfect foot placement giving you the perfect reference points so you can focus on the carve and not where your foot is. This trifecta is often overlooked by our competitors and is also what makes our decks so special. Ride it to believe it.

Following the launch of the industry first split angle TKP trucks many of our competitors have followed suit. As they say imitation is the best compliment. While they may be TKP trucks, unfortunately they are not the same. Our design is tried and trued. They have been tested extensively and have continually been improved to provide even more stability and strength. Our current trucks now feature a forged baseplate to allow maximum strength and connectivity to the board. We further improved upon our hangar by CNCing the entire hanger out of 6061 heat treated aluminum to reduced weight while maintaining strength and ensure the tolerances are up to spec. We have continued our existing relationship with Riptide Bushings to supply the best pivot cups in the game making these trucks absolute buttah.

The all new Bamboo Zeus Pro will be using the industry leading P42A and M50A Molicel batteries. We have redesigned the enclosure to allow us to fit a 13S5P into a much more robust yet flexible design allowing for maximum flex while maintaining structural rigidity to ensure the integrity of the electrical components.

To harness the higher discharge capabilities we will be using a the same new ESC found on the Zeus Pro that features higher quality components optimized for handling higher currents and capable of discharging more amperage. Again 5his all translates to: MO POWA BABY! The combination of the proven ESC, industry leading battery cells, rider tested deck design and improved TKP trucks will deliver an unrivaled riding experience. That is the Ownboard standard.

 The spec of the Bamboo ZEUS Pro 

DECK: New design. Bamboo+Fiberglass+Canada Maple
MOLICEL M50A 25Ah 1170Wh
MOTOR: Dual 6574 Belt Motor 
ESC: Customized Newest Hobbywing ESC(9028) with a customized acceleration and braking curve featuring a turbo mode for blistering fast acceleration. With Smart ON/OFF.
REMOTE: OLED Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, including turbo mode
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: CNC hangars(Wider than Forged Hangars). Forged TKP baseplate. TKP truck approach to offer both carving ability and high speed stability.  
WHEELS: 6 inches / 155 mm Hota wheel
7 inches / 175 mm Inflatable wheel
120mm Black Cloudwheels (Need to watch out for speed bumps).
SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
PIVOT CUPS: Riptides exclusive internally lubricated WFB 96a urethane pivot cups
CHARGER:  Input: 110-230V Output: 8A Charger
TOP SPEED: Up to 60 km/h / 37 mph
RANGE: Up to 90 km / 55 miles. (With 75 Kg rider test on speed mode 3 with 120mm Cloudwheels).  
WEIGHT: 17.5 kg
MAX LOAD: 120 kg / 265 lbs
HILLS: Up to 30%
SPEED MODES: Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 31mph (50 km/h))
Turbo Mode: 37mph (60 km/h)
WARRANTY: 365 Days

1 x Completely Assembled Electric Skateboard 
1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x Bash guard Pre-install
1 x Handle kit (in boxes) 
1 x Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue, and gray.)
1 x Extra 2 pcs belts
1 x Extra bearing and Inner tube
1 x Extra Grip Tape with EVA Foam


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

I love this board, full video review here: https://youtu.be/QnAmYJv-aqk?si=8mGMN6J9iRbNxAKY

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Ownboard Zeus Bamboo

Just ticked over 210 miles on my bamboo Zeus! Absolutely love this board and the way the deck feels, perfect width and looks absolutely amazing ripping down the road! I will say it came with the truck bolts too loose for my liking and the bash guard does need red loc tite so it doesn’t rattle but this is a solid machine and really gives you confidence to push it when you have it dialed in correctly

Jeremy Scrivener
Ownboard Zeus pro Bamboo

Awesome board was definitely worth the wait!! Arrived earlier than expected 🤗 I have other carbon boards and really wanted to try the bamboo board, so Glad I did I love it good job ownboard .... !!
I only have one issue with the board it came with buckled wheels from transporting China to Australia, contacted ownboard no worries covered by warranty ... Happy Dayz 🌴

Most Comfortable Board On The Market

This is the best board both range and comfort wise for the price. This board is 200-400$ cheaper than other boards at this quality from other brands for less performance. The only thing is the Remote is a bit outdated but that doesn’t really matter as you don’t look at it while riding.

I recently had my board burned from a fire and knew exactly what board to get. Would definitely recommend and you won’t regret

Giovanni Germosen
This board is GREAT!

I bought this board a year after it came out. I didn't see many reviews on it so I just bought off of specs. This board is everything I expected it to be and more! The deck is perfect with it's slight flex. The trucks are suuuuper stable, they battery lasts forever, and plenty of power for hills! I weigh about 180lbs and this board FLYS with me on it! I changed a couple things here and there, just because I like modifying things, but you don't have to! Leave it stock and you'll enjoy this board for years to come! Ride safe! 🤙💪

Michal Fišer
Quick delivery,

Super happy witch Board that was delivered - awesome ride :)

John He
My new Zeus Bamboo Pro

Just had my first ride with my new Bamboo pro. It is such a stable and comfortable board to ride. The deck is rather flat, which is perfect for me since I ride long distances and it will not strain my legs so much. Really a perfect board well worth the money, and the range is amazing.

This thing is a blast!!!

I’ve been saving my pennies for for a while and finally pulled trigger. I cannot believe how much fun it is!! It is flexy, smooth, and a blast to ride. I had my reservations about buying something so expensive sight unseen, direct from China. But in the end, it is well worth it. This is a solid piece of equipment that I fully trust to go far distances away from home/car.
I got the 6” wheels and the 21ah battery.
I’m an old guy, 39, and love to snowboard. This is the closest I can get to snowboarding when I’m not on the hill. You can do deep deep carves on any hard surface and even get away with it on grass if it hasn’t rained recently. I bumped up to level two almost instantly, and spend most of my time cruising on level three. Turbo mode gets a little spooky you aren’t in the right mood for it. In level 3 it easily bumps to 31 MPH but you better be ready for it when starting out.
Range is decent, I weigh 197 and can go for about 20-24 miles on a charge riding in the 25-30mph range on flat paved roads.
My only complaint is that I recently had a flat tire, and when I swapped it out, it absolutely looked like a manufacturing defect. These things have split rims and it looks like the innertube got stuck between the 2 halves when assembled. I will be reaching out to ownboard to see if it would be covered under warranty. I don’t see why not. With that being said, check your tires every time before you go, as they are very stiff and you might not notice you have a flat. I had no idea why I was losing so much range on a ride until saw that my rear tire was flat.

Easy riders best choise, for endless fun

I was looking for a comfortable, easy riding, long range board, both stable and carvi, over the complete speed range, for a reasonable price. Ownboard delivered me a perfect match, even the bushings were already perfectly adjusted to my liking (for my 72kg)! Big wow!

The slightly wider TKP trucks, 96a riptide bushing setup (front: cone/barrel, back: barrel/barrel), longer wheelbase, extended board width, ergonomic foot placement and the EVA foam griptape, deliver just an unbelievable feeling of safety, respectively stability-comfort, even in T mode, at full throttle. No speed wobble, just pure fun (straight line or carve)! Acceleration and braking curves are powerful, but not overwhelming. Really close to my personal sweet spot, for long rides.

Worth mentioning, remote bumper case, handle, 8A fast charger, bash guard, standard and additional foam grip tape, spare belts and tubes, a.s.o. everything already included! You can easily pay 300$ for this accessory package, compared with other brands.

Personal preferences: I’d love to have quieter Motors, with a lower KV value (I prefer low end torque, speed is subordinated, as I live in an hilly area). A gearing/motor setup with less drag, respectively free-spinn properties (saves battery, and gives more downhill skateboard feeling, which I love). I’d prefer a smaller 5A standard charger, to widen the lifespan of the batteries.

My setup (changes to standard): 165mm Meepo cyclon wheels, with both inner and outer bearings on the same block. This adds even more stability, less noisy, and with better free spin characteristics.

Opportunities: Charger is quite loud and bulky, nothing to take along (GaN Charger would be nice) // Battery sag at around 20% capacity is too noticeable. I have other boards with the same Molicel cells, which do not have this amount of a power dip. So I guess the Hobbywing ESC is cutting the output amps, to protect the batteries, which could be fixed with a FW upgrade.

Conclusion: A board that conveys safety and comfort, with a pleasant sportiness and range. The wide deck (respectively complete setup, with no throttle jerkiness) makes the board extremely forgiving regarding food placement (or remote handling), so I can recommend this board unrestricted, even for beginners (or skateboard dancers). All this at a very reasonable price and included impressive accessory package. The “Zeus Bamboo Pro” can handle terrain (underbody not protected enough and simply the board is too good for it), but it belongs on the road, which can also be bumpy/uneven. If you are looking for the ultimate acceleration, or want to ride as quiet as a whisper, then you will not be happy with this board (without an ESC upgrade). The board is quite heavy and even with the handle, pulling it is quite difficult (due to the wider trucks). So definitely not suitable for commuters (this board wants to be ridden and not carried ;-). For me the “Zeus Bamboo Pro” is close to perfect, I really love it!

Cheers & keep riding!

Zeus pro bamboo

So happy to have it!!!

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