Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

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About the Ownboard Carbon ZEUS Pro 

Following our wildly successful launch of the Zeus, we knew it wasn’t enough. If we haven’t already made it clear. We refuse to accept the status quo. We went back and studied each and every detail of the board over and over again. We went and scoured all the internet forums and user groups to collect every sliver of feedback and every comment customers have made about the Ownboard Zeus. Give customers what they want and giving you what you want is indeed what we intend to do!

We were confident with our deck. It has all the qualities of a comfortable and stable deck that wasn’t overly long allowing for much more precise carving and board control. But there was room for a more premium version of the Ownboard Zeus: The Zeus Pro.

To make the Zeus even better we refocused on what connected the board with the rider to the road. Having produced the industry first production split angle TKP trucks design we felt it was our duty to improve the already tried and trued trucks to provide even more stability and strength as well as better motor clearance. Improvements were made to strengthen the baseplates and hangars. While we were at it we blinged it out with a bit of oil slick anodization and threw in some Riptide pivot cups to liven the ride up! In addition to working with Riptide Bushings we will be working with BOA wheels to provide us with the most premium urethane electric skateboard wheels in the game.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Ask and ye shall receive! We heard you OB riders. The all new Zeus Pro will be using the industry leading P42A and M50A Molicel batteries.  To harness the higher discharge capabilities we will be using a brand new ESC that features higher quality components optimized for handling higher currents and capable of discharging more amperage. This all translates to: MO POWA BABY! 

The combination of the new ESC, industry leading battery cells and improved TKP trucks will deliver an unrivaled riding experience. This will be the fastest production Ownboard to date. 

• Top speed of 60 KM/H
• Dual 3350w motors (Enough power to propel you up the steepest of hills)
• 80km Range with 120mm Cloudwheels (Molicel M50A 13S4P 21700 20Ah 936Wh)
• Robust remote for LCD display + 4 adjustable speed modes)
• New motor controller with ultra-smooth power delivery and strong linear brakes. 
• Forged carbon fiber and 3K Matte carbon fiber just look different.
• Refined concave (Double drop + wider platform to accommodate all shoe sizes)

Specification of the Carbon AT

DECK: Forged Carbon Fiber, 38.7Inches / 985 mm. 
BATTERY: Molicel M50A 21700 13S4P 20Ah 936Wh
Molicel P42A 21700 13S4P 16.8Ah 786Wh
MOTOR: Dual 6374 Belt Motor 170Kv 3350 Watt*2 
ESC: Customized Newest Hobbywing ESC(9028) with a customized acceleration and braking curve featuring a turbo mode for blistering fast acceleration. With Smart ON/OFF.
REMOTE: Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, With Turbo mode 2.4G wireless
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: CAST alloy 306 mm / 12 Inch wide hangars. Forged TKP baseplate. TKP truck approach to offer both carving ability and high speed stability

GT: 120mm Cloudwheels. 
AT: 6 inches(150*50mm) Pneumatic Wheels. oil slick anodization on the pneumatic rims

SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
Pivot Cups Riptides exclusive internally lubricated WFB 96a urethane pivot cups
RECHARGE: 5-6 hours with 5A charger

50 km/h or 31 mph (Up to 60 km/h or 37 mph in turbo mode)

RANGE: Up to 80 km / 46 miles with 120mm Cloudhweels(Molicel M50A).
Up to 55 km / 35 miles with 6 inches Pneumatic Wheels. (Molicel M50A).(With 75Kg rider test on speed mode 3 ).  
WEIGHT: 13 kg
MAX LOAD: 120kg / 265lbs
HILLS: Up to 40%

Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 31mph (50 km/h)                                              Turbo Mode: 37mph (60 km/h)

WARRANTY: 6 months

1 x Completely Assembled eBoard GT with 120mm wheels. AT with 6inches wheels.
1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x Bash guard Pre-install with GT+AT
1 x Handle kit 
1 x Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue, green, gray, and yellow.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Hadet Giovanni

Vraiment une très bonne planche . Livraisons rapide ici en France et une très bonne rapidité de réponse aux questions. Merci

Alexander Gallina
Own Board Review

I throughly enjoy the Ownboard I received in the mail. It came fairly quickly and they were responsive throughout the entire purchase. It has a lot of power and is definitely worth the money. Will be buying again in the future!

Alex Kolchevsky-Shepherd
I really, really love this board.

I've had a few boards - Evolve GTR, Evolve Hadean, Metroboard X, Acedeck Nomad N1.

My N1 died after 3 months and the warranty process has been a nightmare. It's a bit faster than the Zeus Pro, but worse range and, well, it died after 3 months.

I don't trust the Evolves, they just feel dangerous and have dodgy batteries.

THIS board...I just love so, so much. I love so much about it. It's stable at over 50km/hr, it's carvy, it does pretty well on light off road (I ride trails and grass), the controls are very responsive, the range is great. I just TRUST it, it's been very reliable. I've started commuting on it most days, about a 40 minute super hilly/curvy commute that cuts through a national park. The Zeus Pro handles it so, so well. Even on rainy days!

I run mine on Meepo Cyclone 110 wheels, and that wheel switch made me REALLY fall in love with this board. Those wheels are the best of all worlds, and a bargain too.

Put this one on your short list. It's genuinely an awesome board.

Bryson Coffey
Best board ever !!

I started out on a cheap board and bought many boards after that I never thought about spending so much money on a board but once I sawl this one I just went with it and it’s hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made I ride for miles and miles everyday and have yet to have any major issues with the board it’s super strong and comfortable and carving is so smooth !!!

Great board

My delivery had an issue (I ordered the 100mm Boa Constrictor config but received instead the could wheel one) but the customer service was quick to respond and we found a solution.

I had the board for a week now and I can say that I'm just loving it. This is a blast to ride it. I had a lot of electric boards in the past 5 years but this is by far the one I enjoy the most riding at high speed. Good job guys

Jean Dury
Just amazing!

Its been while that I was looking to buy the Zeus, eventually with the great offer I made my decision and have't regret it. Its powerfull skateboard that handles very well, recommended!

Rod Kampf
Carbon Zeus Pro

I'm 73 and got back into skateboarding a year ago. Got the 936 Wh battery. Great board with two problems: (1) the board seems to "catch" during the last few feet of stopping and it tries to throw you off the front. (2) the range with the 6" honeycombs in 2nd gear is around 22 miles, thought it would be more - so will try the 165 CW range rovers. Other than that I love it, lots of power and good looking!

Benjamin Marcillaud
Ownboard carbone Zeus pro

Super planche je m amuse comme un enfant (livraison un peut longue pour la France)

cristian rojas
My ride.

Fuvken awesome!!!!

Glib Pixie
Love it❤️

The customer service was very responsive and the board I received is high quality! It’s awesome and I ❤️❤️❤️ it!

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