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Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

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About the Bamboo ZEUS Pro

Ask and ye shall receive! We heard you loud and clear. We have made it known that we refuse to accept the status quo. We went back to the drawing board and studied every detail of the Zeus Pro. We collated every single feedback we received from our product testers, ambassadors and customers to concoct our latest and greatest creation the Bamboo Zeus Pro.

It’s no secret that the Zeus deck is one of the most comfortable and stable decks currently available on the market. It allows for precise carving and board control while taking into account human ergonomics to avoid hotspots that form over extended rides, especially with the advent of large capacity battery packs. Nonetheless, there was room for a more flexible twin that shares the same DNA as its ballz to the wallz twin : the Carbon Zeus Pro. The Carbon Zeus Pro is to Yin what the Bamboo Zeus Pro is to the Yang.

To create the Bamboo Zeus Pro that we envisioned, we focused on delivering a more lively ride. Something that allows deeper and harder carves. We poured our attention in every detail of the deck. We made over a dozen prototype decks with different layups, shapes and constructions then sent them to our beta testers all over the world to pinpoint and dial in the perfect ride.

We focused on the flex of the board to allow the maximum amount of bounce to every ounce you push into your carves. We focused on the construction that allowed maximum durability that will weather any storm. Lastly we focused on the shape of the deck to allow the perfect foot placement giving you the perfect reference points so you can focus on the carve and not where your foot is. This trifecta is often overlooked by our competitors and is also what makes our decks so special. Ride it to believe it.

Following the launch of the industry first split angle TKP trucks many of our competitors have followed suit. As they say imitation is the best compliment. While they may be TKP trucks, unfortunately they are not the same. Our design is tried and trued. They have been tested extensively and have continually been improved to provide even more stability and strength. Our current trucks now feature a forged baseplate to allow maximum strength and connectivity to the board. We further improved upon our hangar by CNCing the entire hanger out of 6061 heat treated aluminum to reduced weight while maintaining strength and ensure the tolerances are up to spec. We have continued our existing relationship with Riptide Bushings to supply the best pivot cups in the game making these trucks absolute buttah.

The all new Bamboo Zeus Pro will be using the industry leading P42A and M50A Molicel batteries. We have redesigned the enclosure to allow us to fit a 13S5P into a much more robust yet flexible design allowing for maximum flex while maintaining structural rigidity to ensure the integrity of the electrical components.

To harness the higher discharge capabilities we will be using a the same new ESC found on the Zeus Pro that features higher quality components optimized for handling higher currents and capable of discharging more amperage. Again 5his all translates to: MO POWA BABY! The combination of the proven ESC, industry leading battery cells, rider tested deck design and improved TKP trucks will deliver an unrivaled riding experience. That is the Ownboard standard.

 The spec of the Bamboo ZEUS Pro 

DECK: New design. Bamboo+Fiberglass+Canada Maple
MOLICEL M50A 25Ah 1170Wh
MOTOR: Dual 6574 Belt Motor 
ESC: Customized Newest Hobbywing ESC(9028) with a customized acceleration and braking curve featuring a turbo mode for blistering fast acceleration. With Smart ON/OFF.
REMOTE: OLED Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, including turbo mode
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: CNC hangars(Wider than Forged Hangars). Forged TKP baseplate. TKP truck approach to offer both carving ability and high speed stability.  
WHEELS: 6 inches / 155 mm Hota wheel
7 inches / 175 mm Inflatable wheel
120mm Black Cloudwheels (Need to watch out for speed bumps).
SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
PIVOT CUPS: Riptides exclusive internally lubricated WFB 96a urethane pivot cups
CHARGER:  Input: 110-230V Output: 8A Charger
TOP SPEED: Up to 60 km/h / 37 mph
RANGE: Up to 90 km / 55 miles. (With 75 Kg rider test on speed mode 3 with 120mm Cloudwheels).  
WEIGHT: 17.5 kg
MAX LOAD: 120 kg / 265 lbs
HILLS: Up to 30%
SPEED MODES: Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 31mph (50 km/h))
Turbo Mode: 37mph (60 km/h)
WARRANTY: 365 Days

1 x Completely Assembled Electric Skateboard 
1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x Bash guard Pre-install
1 x Handle kit (in boxes) 
1 x Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue, and gray.)
1 x Extra 4 pcs belts
1 x Extra bearings and Inner tube
1 x Extra Grip Tape with EVA Foam


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alex Q
Bamboo Bliss

I am new to electric skateboards, watched/read all the reviews, and decided to go with the Bamboo Zeus Pro. I am very happy with my purchase. I have owned it for just over a month, ridden about 130 miles. I went with the 6-inch Hota tires. You can't beat the look of the oil slick wheels Ownboard includes. They are beautiful. (I had an issue with one of the wheels, but Ownboard's Customer Service resolved the issue, which is expected as this particular board has a 365-day warranty) Even better is having the option to change wheels for different road conditions and experiences. I would recommend getting the 5M40T kegel pulleys with drive belts as accessories to be able to experiment with polyurethane wheels, but use wheels at least 100mm and larger for this board. I also purchased some Evolve hubs on sale and BKB 6-inch all terrain tires to mix it up. This is my new favorite hobby. Looking forward to the summer to do longer rides, which is also why I love the battery capacity and not having to worry about range. I don't think I will ever use the Turbo mode, but nice to have. This board checks all the boxes. I hope Ownboard succeeds and continues to innovate in this emerging market (application of this technology), making great electric skateboards at a competitive price, like the Bamboo Zeus Pro.

Zeus Bamboo Pro

I love this board !! It's fast, stabile and battery range is great. Also it looks beautiful. Definitely my best looking skateboard.

Fred Onorato

another 2 in1 board setting a trend. Now a 2 in 1 with FLEX that has over 1000wh battery capacity. Insane! stable yet carvey. good looking yet elegant. We highly recommend this board

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Jet Browning
Ownboard bamboo zues pro

This is a great board, I had the bamboo at pro before and it’s all that I loved about that board with more power range speed ect. I ride it down to 1 bar of battery and there still is voltage sag but it can go 50kph on low battery.

It’s comfortable but I would recommend putting on the added foam griptape if you plan to take longer rides as it can get quite “warm” on your feet.

I would also check the bolts and screws before you ride and make sure there tightened down as when i received mine a good bit were loose, way to loose then they should’ve been

I also wish there was more features like maybe a charge port for a phone or or customizable settings on the remote or even an app

It’s an all around great board and for the price there isn’t anything rlly better

Mark Overly
Revised review

This board delivers everything I hoped for. The range is fantastic and the board handles great at speed. Just what I wanted. Took awhile for shipping by sea but the wait was worth it.

Kevin Meyers
a great, beast of a board

bamboo zeus pro = bzp

its a beast...at its longest, end to end, the bzp is a good 7in/18cm longer than my backfire g3+ (axle to axle is +6in/15cm, notable because the deck is barely an in/2.5cm longer) and the deck is a solid in/2.5cm wider than the widest parts of the g3+...it looks like a boat...at 40lbs/18kg it weighs well over twice as much as the g3+ at 18lbs/8kg. the deck is a quarter in/6.5mm thicker.

its sexy...the anodized/"oil slick" look is gorgeous. you apparently either love it or hate it. i think it was maybe about two years ago i spent a small fortune on two anodized/"oil slick" anti-sink plates from radium performance for my g3+ and have never looked back.

unboxing was as expected from what i have read previously; one box only with minimal padding and no paperwork. inside was the usual accoutrement of extra screws, bolts, feeble hex keys, bearings, spacers, etc and at least one rubber thingy that i am fairly certain belongs nowhere on this board.

i thankfully took the advice of others to secure all of the hardware as i found several loose fittings and while doing so i loosened the belts as they were tighter than i have been advised by youtube to have them.

standing on the board, then hopping on over to the g3+, and back and forth and back and forth it seems to me that the g3+ (again, carbon fiber) has more "flex" than the (canadian maple, et al) bzp.

i found the loss of free roll to be disappointing. i normally start riding by kicking off then accelerating with the remote. i tried to do that with the bzp and the lack of free roll caused me to fall over the board at first. a lack of free roll is a definite draw back to belt boards. if you're not accelerating your slowing down considerably, even downhill.

braking is exceptional. first brake test i fell over the board again and had to run it out a bit i was not expecting to stop so quickly. it was set at i think like 73%. i've since adjusted it down to 35% and will probably bump it up to 45% next ride.

my first ride i started on speed mode 2 and quickly found myself going faster on this board then i ever dared on the g3+. i had never gone above 19mph/30kmh, i just couldn't do it and didn't want to do it. i'd say my normal cruising speed averaged about 16mph/26kmh. i looked at the remote briefly while riding the bzp and was floored to see 21mph/34kmh. i never would have guessed. this board is sooooooo stable, and the pneumatic wheels are just lovely. rocks on the road? lol...larger cracks? lol...that massive crack on the sidewalk that put me on my face a few months ago? gtfo...i love these wheels. i think the 5 in/150mm is the perfect size for pneumatic and will be getting a set of 100-110mm street wheels.

i rode it onto some grass and it didn't feel like it had enough torque to do so while on a sidewalk before entering another grassy area i bumped it up to speed mode 3 and accelerated...and bit it hard. the board just flew out from under me. my g3+ had what i though was a lot of torque, but the bzp is something else altogether. i found myself wishing that it had a mode between 2 and 3 but i've gotten used to riding it in 3 after a few runs. rode it in 2 for most of my ride today as i was doing more carving than on previous rides.

this thing carves really well! my BIL has a hadean with dkp trucks and he really had me worried that i wouldn't like the tkp on the bzp. i was also concerned i would lose some agility with such a larger setup but those fears were for naught. i ended up tightening the trucks up a bit and found the sweet spot for me was about one whole turn greater on both front and rear than how they arrived. its seriously perfection. the pivot cups are great. silky smooth turning.

i haven't done a full range test but from what i am seeing i should expect roughly 6 miles/10km per remote bar, depending on terrain and there are 5 bars so looking at about 30 miles/48km per charge with the 150mm. this is more than i will ever need and is a much appreciated upgrade from my backfire g3+ which would only give me at most 12 miles/19km.

overall very happy with the board and i have no regrets getting it. its the perfect board for my riding style. i was originally going to sell my g3+ but when i saw the size of the bzp, and felt its heft, i thought i might hold on to it for short jaunts around the city as i assumed the bzp would just be too big and heavy to have in stores, etc. i've gotten used to it though and am again second guessing what i'm going to do with the g3+. i was going to install the handle on the bzp but have become comfortable just using using the bash guard as a handle and rolling it around on the front wheels.

Mark Burstein
Pure Love (after a few adjustments)

I've been riding the Zeus Carbon (OG and Pro) for two years. I read the reviews on the Zeus Bamboo Pro, so I bought one. After riding it for a couple of months, it's my favorite. It's heavier and bigger than the Zeus Carbon, so at first, it seemed a little less agile. But with the increased torque and adjustable brake, it has higher performance. I made the following adjustments: swapped Hotas for BKB 150s; replaced stock bushings with softer ones; added Vicious grip tape; loosed the trucks a lot. Can't wait for my next ride!

Bamboo Zeus Pro

This skateboard is very smooth. I had it shipped to NC from Ownboard and it took 40 days. It has a nice look about it. I put a headlight and taillight on it. It was ordered with the largest wheels they offer (175mm I think), but after receiving it I installed the 200mm pneumatic knobby tires that I pre-ordered elsewhere. While I was disassembling the rims to install the new wheels 4 of the bolts that hold them together snapped, so I replaced them. Overall the Bamboo Zeus Pro is my favorite of the 5 different boards I own. I also own a Bamboo Pro which now is my 2nd favorite.

john warner
Bamboo Zeus Pro

Had an excellent time ordering and receiving my new board. The onboard team was very cooperative and quickly to respond to my questions. The board arrived packaged well and it is a game changer from the Exway Flex I had for 3 years.

Ryan Falcon
Everything you want and more

It’s so incredibly stable and very quick 0-30! Definitely the best bang for your buck

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