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Ownboard Mini KT(30") Dual Motor /Replaceable PU Motor Electric Skateboard - 25mph/40Kmh

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Battery Capacity
Gripe type
Motor Type

ESC: The most stable ESC in an electric skateboard. Its waterproof and shockproof.
Remote: 3 speed modes. Smoother Acceleration & Braking.
Battery: Adds the option of a highly rated Samsung 30Q battery. It is have a Max
double discharge rate of 30A(LG6.4 only 20A). 
Voltage sag is reduced,which allows the board to keep going on high speeds even
when the battery power is low.(Note:The ESC Max discharge rate is 24A, Samsung 4.0
is 44A, Samsung 6.0 is 30A, Sanyo 20700 is 24A). Expensive compared to SANYO
,Samsung 30Q is the best choice.
Power Display :You can easy to learn power of battery. Some other brands have not yet.
Ceramic Bearings: Professional electric skateboard bearings. Dustproof, and more
resistant to wear and tear, Longer service life.
Replaceable Urethanes: Adds the option of replaceable urethanes motor.
Regenerative Braking: The battery will recharged when you brake, which saves up
more energy for a longer ride.

Top Speed:  
Beginner Mode: 12.5mph/20kmh
Middle Mode: 18.75mph/30kmh
Proficient Mode: 25mph/40kmh 
Range on full charge:  
SAMSUNG 4.0 : 9.5-12 miles(15~18.5 km)
SAMSUNG 6.0: 12.5-14 miles(20~22.5 km)
SANYO: 16~19 miles(25.5~30.5 km)
(The advertised speed rating is based on a 70kg rider in stable weather conditions at a
0 degree incline.We do not guarantee all users will reach the advertised speed as it
depends on rider weight, aerodynamics, incline, weather and many other factors.)
Max Load:  
120 Kg (265lbs)
Up Hill:  
7.6 Kg(16.8lbs) 
8-Layers Maple wood, 30*9.45 inches, Kicktail designed 
250W Dual Brushless Hub-Motor, 90*54mm, with 85A High-elastic PU wheel. 
Safe & Powerful Li-ion Battery, Samsung 18650 & Sanyo 20700, 2P10S
Input: 100~240V-50/60Hz; Output: 41.5V 2A(Sanyo with 3A) Charge time: 2-3 hours 
Maybe the most stable ESC for electric skateboard, The new program design has the Max speed up to
25mph(40km/h), Solid PCB housing to avoid broke and waterproof. 
2.4G Wireless Remote: 
With 3 speed mode, Ergonomic design, Excellent soft touch, No disconnection issue Smoother, Acceleration & Braking Lights & 
vibration to remind power & connection 

What is in the Box
1 x Completely Assembled Board
1 x Remote , with USB charging cable
1 x Pair of extra Foam for you to do deck swap 
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC port Charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T tool 
1 x Rear LED light
1 x User Manual 
1 x pair dash-proof rub

When charging the remote, please use a charger within 5V 1A, or you can use the computer USB port to charge it, 
Charging voltage over 5V will do harm to the remote.

Foreign Language Keywords

Irish:Skateboards Leictreach,Skateboards Mótarraithe.
Arabic:سكيتبورد الكهربائية,سكيتبورد الميكانيكيه
Polish:Deskorolki elektryczne,Zmotoryzowane deskorolki
Danish:Elektriske Skateboards,Motoriserede Skateboards
German:Elektrisches Skateboard,Motorisiertes Skateboard
Russian:Электрический скейтборд,Моторизованный скейтборд
French:Planche à roulettes électrique,Planche à roulettes motoriséefen
Finnish:Sähköinen rullalauta,Moottoroitu rullalauta
Korean:전기 스케이트 보드,전동 스케이트 보드
Dutch:Elektrisch skateboard,Gemotoriseerd skateboard
Czech:Elektrické skateboardy,Motorizované skateboardy
Norwegian:Elektriske Skateboards,Motoriserte Skateboards
Portuguese:Skates Elétricos,Skates Motorizados
Swedish:Elektriska Skateboards,Motoriserade Skateboards
Spanish:Monopatines eléctricos,Patinetas motorizadas
Hebrew:סקייטבורד חשמליים,ממונע סקייטבורד
Hungarian:Elektromos gördeszka,Motoros gördeszkák
Italian:Skateboard elettrici,Skateboard motorizzati

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
I just got my board 2 days ago and it really fullfils all needs. The build quality is pretty good...

Very fast board

Buy this board!!

We own two of these boards and absolutely love them. My husband and daughter love to skate together. This board is fun for both of them. It has enough power for more experienced skaters and also has a turlte mode for those not as experienced. My husband is almost 50 and this board is keeping him young. We have owned other electric skateboards and this one is the one we have kept!! The company is great, too. All I can say is "Yes, buy this board! We are so glad that we did!!"

Top speed is awesome

Compared with Boosted boards, Ownboard has similar performance and its battery is even better than boosted boards. Top speed is amazing. I use it almost every day. So far, I like it a lot. Definitely would recommend this board.

Must have

Worked great right out of the box ! So far so good !

It accelerates smoothly and is easy to control

I just start learning how to ride an e-skateboard. I feel safe when I first stood on this ownboard board. It accelerates smoothly and is easy to control. Another thing is that I really like the all black body design.

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