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Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard
Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard

Ownboard ZEUS Carbon Electric Skateboard

US$1,699.00 US$1,499.00
The all new 2021 Carbon ZEUS features a higher top speed with increased range and power while maintinaing maximum carveability and stability.

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About the Ownboard ZEUS Carbon

In our pursuit of creating the most powerful and reliable electric skateboard available to the market, we devoted the past year and a half towards product development. We gathered the collective ideas and feedback from our customers and fellow skaters far and wide. The culmination of those ideas and experiences is now manifested in our latest creation: The Zeus Carbon. The Zeus carbon is our most powerful, carve-able, and reliable creation to date.  

Not a single detail was spared, not a single stone was left unturned in the development process. In our two-pronged approach, we concentrated on comfort and performance.

We felt that having massive range while lacking comfort meant the full power of the board could not be harnessed. As such, not only did we revamp the shape of the new carbon fiber deck we also improved the construction, the carbon layup process, and the type of materials used. This resulted in a stronger and more ergonomic deck which in turn allows the rider to go further and enjoy the ride longer.

We didn't just stop there. We took comfort to a whole new level by redesigning our trucks. Our redesigned trucks are now traditional kingpin (aka "TKP") trucks. TKPs allow for a surfy DKP feel but with much more stability at speed and without oversteer. We achieved this by redesigning the trucks to feature a split angle, which results in superior carve ability at any speed while also maintaining maximum stability and comfort. You can fine-tune these bad boys with any regular double barrel bushings to your weight and style.  However, we have also made this backward compatible with the DKP hangars for those that may still prefer DKP trucks.

The combination of these new split-angle TKP trucks and the revamped deck truly makes for a whole new carving experience unlike any other board in the market. It is guaranteed to make you grin ear to ear.

Once we took care of comfort we tackled the issue of performance. Namely range and power.   In our experience, there is a fine balance between range and power.  To increase the range we now use 21700 cells with an increased capacity over the previous 18650 cells in a 13S4P configuration giving you the maximum amperage and power to propel you up any hill for hours on end. Our new battery packs a whopping 898 Wh.  To harness the increased output performance of the battery the Zeus Carbon features an all-new ESC with a turbo function allowing for maximum performance. We further refined the acceleration and braking curve to deliver stronger acceleration and stronger brakes. The Zeus has blistering fast acceleration with equally strong brakes that will stop you on a dime. The Zeus Carbon can now reach speeds up to 60 km/h with a range of 75km in the 120mm Cloudwheel configuration. In this regard, we truly have harnessed the power of Zeus in the creation of this electric skateboard.  

• Top speed of 60 KM/H
• Dual 3350w motors (Enough power to propel you up the steepest of hills)
• 75km Range with 120mm Cloudwheels(46.8V 19.2AH 13S4P 21700 898.56WH)
• Robust remote for LCD display + 4 adjustable speed modes)
• New motor controller with ultra-smooth power delivery and strong linear brakes. 
• Forged carbon fiber and 3K Matte carbon fiber just look different.
• Refined concave (Dropdown shoulders + wider platform to accommodate all shoe sizes)

Specification of the Carbon AT

DECK: Premium 3K Carbon Fiber and Forged Carbon Fiber, 38.7Inches / 985 mm. Both deck same process. Just look different.  
BATTERY: Lithium-Ion Battery 21700 13S4P 898.56Wh
MOTOR: Dual 6374 Belt Motor 170Kv 3350 Watt*2 
ESC: Customized Newest Hobbywing ESC(9028) with a customized acceleration and braking curve featuring a turbo mode for blistering fast acceleration. With Smart ON/OFF.
REMOTE: Ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, With Turbo mode 2.4G wireless
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: Forged 306 mm / 12 Inch wide hangars. CNC TKP baseplate. TKP truck approach to offer both carving ability and high speed stability

GT 2 in 1: Pre-Installed with 120mm Cloudwheels. Including 97mm*76A premium high rebound urethane wheels kit.
AT 2 in 1: Pre-Installed with 6 inches(150*50mm) Pneumatic Wheels. Including 97mm*76A premium high rebound urethane wheels kit. AT wheels will Pre-install Bash guard.

SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - short grass, dirt tracks, roads & footpaths

RECHARGE: 4-5 hours with 5A charger

50 km/h or 31 mph (Up to 60 km/h or 37 mph in turbo mode)

RANGE: Up to 75 km / 46 miles with 120mm Cloudhweels.
Up to 55 km / 35 miles with 6 inches Pneumatic Wheels. (With 75Kg rider test).  Users can expect an improved range with 97mm urethane wheels.
WEIGHT: 13 kg
MAX LOAD: 120kg / 265lbs
HILLS: Up to 40%

Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 31mph (50 km/h)                                              Turbo Mode: 37mph (60 km/h)

WARRANTY: 180 Days

1 x Completely Assembled eBoard GT with Pre-install 120mm wheels. AT with Pre-install 6inches wheels.
1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x 97mm*76A PU wheels kit (Up to the wheels options)
1 x Bash guard Pre-install with GT+AT (From 2022/4/1)
1 x Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue, green, gray, and yellow.)
1 x Extra set of belts


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
John Hancock
Awesome board. Very reliable.

I was one of the first to buy this original Carbon Zeus and I have had zero issues with it. I have put almost 3,000 miles on the board and all I have had to do for maintanence is get a fresh set of cloud wheels after mine wore down with so much mileage.

Remi Johannessen
Amazing and Fun!

Just what i needed, longer range and more power.
The board itself is beautiful and stable to ride :D
Love it!
Great customer service, i live in Norway.

Jason Edwards
Great board

Build quality is great, very well built for the most part. It’s really fun to ride. Criticisms:
1. to offer air shipping. Waiting over a month for the board was excruciating.
2. I was disappointed to see that the trucks were over tightened without a washer causing two of the bearing cases to be compressed inward causing a clicking sound.
3. The AT wheels are bolted to the pulley making installing them very difficult. It was nearly impossible to set proper belt tension with these wheels.
Aside from these things, I am happy with the purchase.

Jonathan Picotte
Zeus Pro

Huge fun, really good service, if you here reading review, stop and buy it you won't regret it for sure.

Mike Boles
This board is a beast!

I have been ESK8'ing for about 4 years now and this is my 3rd board. By far this has to be the best board for the money on the market. It is truly a beast. This board has so much power it is unbelievable. I am a light guy (145lb), and this thing propels me like a rocket ship. On the other side of this, the brakes are as strong as can be. I can come to a dead stop as quickly as needed. I think there were some previous concerns about braking but this has been addressed with the new electronics on the PRO version. The deck feels sooo good. I was leary about how the carbon fiber stiff deck would feel as I was used to riding flexy bamboo decks. My concern was erased after the first mile. The stiff deck combined with these TKP trucks is amazing. You feel like you are in control of the board 100% of the time even at high speeds. I have topped mine out at 34mph so far and didn't feel totally afraid. The foamy grip tape is awesome too. Provides a bit of cushion. This board is definitely the board to buy if you're in the market. I'm actually contemplating buying a second board just because it's so awesome. I am currently riding on 120mm Cloudwheels and have front and rear Shredlights installed (which are amazing and soooo bright). I have ordered the Cloudwheel Rovers 165mm and will be installing next week. This board has given me something to look forward too everyday. I use it for fun with friends and on solo rides and I also commute to work on it. Thank you Ownboard for manufacturing such an amazing machine!

Anthony Vancini

Nothing but great experience with Ownboard customer service. They were delayed on my Zeus order so they sent me the PRO for free instead. This board is so fast it's scary lol. Perfect in every sense.

Aka Weze
500km after only a few weeks! I simply love this thing!

This board is so much fun. Can't stop riding it each spare minute I have! Great value for that price!

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Steven Arant
Zeus Pro Carbon is a GO!

What can I say other than quit waiting and get your board ordered today! A board where it's beauty is matched by it's performance. Check out my detailed review on my YouTube channel killersushi99.

Mark Feller
Zues pro

This board is awesome , I love this board. It has ruined all my other boards. I'm addicted ☺️

Cheuk Yin Wong
About brakes

Zeus have very strong brakes, but linear reinforcement be better, anyway Zeus is everything balance board

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