Ownboard AT1W Off Road Electric Skateboard

by Joe Jose on September 21, 2018

AT1W Off Road Electric Skateboard is an electric skateboard specially designed for off-road use, mainly for rough terrain and ordinary roads.
The main features are hub motor, two-wheel drive, higher chassis, better grip tires, larger horsepower and a more solid eight-story deck. The AT1W SUV E-board can adapt to a variety of road conditions in the wild, and gives a rough and heroic feeling. In the city, many people like off-road electric skateboards.
OWNBOARD AT1W SUV Electric Skateboard has a certain off-road driving ability. In other words, the AT1W can travel on poor quality roads or in areas where there is no road at all.

All Terrain SUV Skateboard / Urban Off-road Electric Skateboard
For the sake of improvement, comfort and riding fun,
1. OWNBOARD abandoned the traditional PU wheel,
A rubber tire that is more wear-resistant and more elastic is selected.(More than 700 miles without changing the wheels.)
2. At the same time, the battery capacity is increased, and the chassis armor is fully covered.
3. ESC more suitable for off-road skateboarding
4. The overall power of the motor is increased by 40%.
5. Brand new design, hollow LOGO trademark.
6. Trucks more suitable for SUV skateboarding

Let's take a look at the photo of AT1W.

Ownboard off road skateboardOwnboard off road skateboardOwnboard off road skateboard

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