Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote
Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote
Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote
Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote
Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote
Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote

Ownboard Zeus ESC and Remote


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Customize Hobbywing 9028 ESC

Remote will coming with Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue and gray.)

Used for Ownboard Carbon ZEUS, Carbon ZEUS Pro, Bamboo AT Pro ,Bamboo ZEUS. Carbon ZEUS 4WD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jacey Craig
Onboard Zeus pro esc and motor swap

I bought the esc and 6374 motors to replace the parts I was having issues with on my maxfind ff belt. I now have a 5 mile an hour faster top speed and cruise control. It's so much better now!

Brian Taylor
Ownboard zues

I have the Zeus OG . I literally ride every day and with a huge group of people who are extremely involved in the industry. I post content regularly and always hashtag and comment ownboard. I absolutely love this board and have gotten all types of direct messages as well as comments from skaters all around the world blown away by the places I have been on it. I have even modified a separate set of motor mounts that I have allowing me to slide the motors back more by doing this it let me rotate the old motor mounts to the second hole, which was not currently usable before also mount 8 inch pneumatic tires and 72 tooth pulleys. I have taken this thing over mountain bike tracks, BMX tracks and all types of crazy mountain bike trails. It has literally taking me everywhere with no failure except for a few belt breaks, and one time a broken king pin. I have a video on my Instagram me flying to the top of the Wright brothers memorial in North Carolina in a 40 mile an hour headwind on all-terrain tires. This thing is absolutely awesome. I do wish to have a better relationship with ownboard. I have ordered all types of extra parts and replacement parts since I have had this board, which is only been a year and was told to ask for a T-shirt once,but did not get one which was kind of a bummer since I literally tag and comment you guys in every single post. It would be cool to have a shirt. I hope to have plenty more fun times on this board and I’m dying to try the new four-wheel-drive version, you will be hearing more of me, especially when I start podium, placing on a zues… not only do I fly through the woods and over tracks but even in our 200 person rides on the streets in Washington DC I’m leaving everyone in the dust

Dylan Hagyard
Great remote 👌 Great Price 👍 Love the board!

It's nice they aren't overcharging like evolve for their remotes having both I can say this one is way better than their standard R2 remote. It also has a very soft less cheap feeling silicone than the evolve covers.

Oscar G
ESC Upgrade is Worth the Money and Wait!

Being part of the first batch of O.G Zeus owners, I was skeptical about the hype around the upgraded ESC, but after installing there is a night and day difference in braking power on the board which makes it feel a ton safer.
I also ordered an extra remote on the off chance something happens to my original since shipping takes some time to het to the U.S, but it definitely give me peace of mind.
Every interaction with the support team at OwnBoard has been helpful and quick with instructions on installing the new ESC, which is actually really simple!

Better, not perfect

Though ESC shipping was delayed several weeks due to covid lockdowns in China, it arrived promptly 2 weeks after it was sent.

I bought the 9028 (v2) ESC to mod my original Zeus. The gains in acceleration are pretty substantial. I typically ride in mode 3 or turbo, and the thrust of the new ESC requires another level of thumb control and balance to avoid getting thrown. Pretty wicked.

However, the brakes still leave me wanting. They're improved, but still not as refined as the competition in this class. Hopefully I Ownboard will make the braking & acceleration curves independently adjustable to suit different riding preferences at some point. The Meepo hurricane and Tynee explorer are already doing this, so Ownboard will have to catch up to stay competitive.


New esc for my zeus is fantastic. Everything feels better and connects better. Def worth a buy if you had an original zeus.

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