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Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard
Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Bamboo ZEUS Pro Electric Skateboard

US$1,999.00 US$1,699.00
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About the Bamboo ZEUS Pro

Ask and ye shall receive! We heard you loud and clear. We have made it known that we refuse to accept the status quo. We went back to the drawing board and studied every detail of the Zeus Pro. We collated every single feedback we received from our product testers, ambassadors and customers to concoct our latest and greatest creation the Bamboo Zeus Pro.

It’s no secret that the Zeus deck is one of the most comfortable and stable decks currently available on the market. It allows for precise carving and board control while taking into account human ergonomics to avoid hotspots that form over extended rides, especially with the advent of large capacity battery packs. Nonetheless, there was room for a more flexible twin that shares the same DNA as its ballz to the wallz twin : the Carbon Zeus Pro. The Carbon Zeus Pro is to Yin what the Bamboo Zeus Pro is to the Yang.

To create the Bamboo Zeus Pro that we envisioned, we focused on delivering a more lively ride. Something that allows deeper and harder carves. We poured our attention in every detail of the deck. We made over a dozen prototype decks with different layups, shapes and constructions then sent them to our beta testers all over the world to pinpoint and dial in the perfect ride.

We focused on the flex of the board to allow the maximum amount of bounce to every ounce you push into your carves. We focused on the construction that allowed maximum durability that will weather any storm. Lastly we focused on the shape of the deck to allow the perfect foot placement giving you the perfect reference points so you can focus on the carve and not where your foot is. This trifecta is often overlooked by our competitors and is also what makes our decks so special. Ride it to believe it.

Following the launch of the industry first split angle TKP trucks many of our competitors have followed suit. As they say imitation is the best compliment. While they may be TKP trucks, unfortunately they are not the same. Our design is tried and trued. They have been tested extensively and have continually been improved to provide even more stability and strength. Our current trucks now feature a forged baseplate to allow maximum strength and connectivity to the board. We further improved upon our hangar by CNCing the entire hanger out of 6061 heat treated aluminum to reduced weight while maintaining strength and ensure the tolerances are up to spec. We have continued our existing relationship with Riptide Bushings to supply the best pivot cups in the game making these trucks absolute buttah.

The all new Bamboo Zeus Pro will be using the industry leading P42A and M50A Molicel batteries. We have redesigned the enclosure to allow us to fit a 13S5P into a much more robust yet flexible design allowing for maximum flex while maintaining structural rigidity to ensure the integrity of the electrical components.

To harness the higher discharge capabilities we will be using a the same new ESC found on the Zeus Pro that features higher quality components optimized for handling higher currents and capable of discharging more amperage. Again 5his all translates to: MO POWA BABY! The combination of the proven ESC, industry leading battery cells, rider tested deck design and improved TKP trucks will deliver an unrivaled riding experience. That is the Ownboard standard.

 The spec of the Bamboo ZEUS Pro 

DECK: New design. Bamboo+Fiberglass+Canada Maple
MOLICEL M50A 25Ah 1170Wh
MOTOR: Dual 6574 Belt Motor 
ESC: Customized Newest Hobbywing ESC(9028) with a customized acceleration and braking curve featuring a turbo mode for blistering fast acceleration. With Smart ON/OFF.
REMOTE: OLED Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speed Modes, including turbo mode
BRAKING: Regenerative Braking
TRUCKS: CNC hangars(Wider than Forged Hangars). Forged TKP baseplate. TKP truck approach to offer both carving ability and high speed stability.  
WHEELS: 6 inches / 155 mm Hota wheel
7 inches / 175 mm Inflatable wheel
120mm Black Cloudwheels (Need to watch out for speed bumps).
SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - dirt tracks, roads & footpaths
PIVOT CUPS: Riptides exclusive internally lubricated WFB 96a urethane pivot cups
CHARGER:  Input: 110-230V Output: 8A Charger
TOP SPEED: Up to 60 km/h / 37 mph
RANGE: Up to 90 km / 55 miles. (With 75 Kg rider test on speed mode 3 with 120mm Cloudwheels).  
WEIGHT: 17.5 kg
MAX LOAD: 120 kg / 265 lbs
HILLS: Up to 30%
SPEED MODES: Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Expert Mode: 31mph (50 km/h))
Turbo Mode: 37mph (60 km/h)
WARRANTY: 365 Days

1 x Completely Assembled Electric Skateboard 
1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable
1 x Certificated Charger
1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)
1 x T-tool
1 x Bash guard Pre-install
1 x Handle kit (in boxes) 
1 x Silicon protection sleeves (Randomized colors: Orange, blue, and gray.)
1 x Extra 4 pcs belts
1 x Extra bearings and Inner tube
1 x Extra Grip Tape with EVA Foam


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Linus Enlund
Great board, bad bushings and QA

I have been riding longboards for 8 years and esk8 for 3 years. I like to ride hard, high speeds, lots of carving.

Packaging did not feel like a premium board, no paperwork, info or anything just ziplocks with extra screws, pulleys, bearings, attachable handle, T-tool etc. (It was nice that they included some spare-parts though)

First inspection of the board
* Large air bubbles under the grip-tape, it was not properly installed, next day I took it off and installed the hexagonal grip tape that was included.

* Front truck was rattling, tightened all the screws properly. Same with back truck but at least it didn’t rattle. (It’s pretty tricky to secure 2/4 nuts under the trucks since the hangers are in the way of using the T-tool) no separate tool to do this included. I grabbed a small wrench + Allen key and secured all the nuts that way.

* Belts were to tight, adjusted them and put on loctite on all the screws on the motor mounts.

* After first full ride I unmounted the battery to have a look inside and one of the 16 Allen screws were almost stripped from factory install, wasn’t easy to get it out and there are no replacement screws for the battery pack.

It would not have been safe to ride it out of the box. Apart from these things, it was fine.

First start up

The remote screen tells you what speed mode you’re in, brake strength, if it’s in “drive” or “reverse” and of course the speed and trip/total distance.

I had no clue how to change it from MPH to KPH (European rider), or how to change break strength etc. After some Googling I found out that all those settings are applied after remote pairing. (Turn everything off and hold power button on board and remote for 5sec)

First ride
I quickly noticed that I needed to tighten the trucks because it felt super wobbly at first. The back truck needed so much tightening (to be able to go full speed in turbo) that I snapped the included T-tool tightening it, but after it snapped it was luckily tight enough.

The deck is hard, wouldn’t say it’s flexy but it does have a slight flex.

Acceleration is intense during first 20%, makes even straight flat roads kinda intimidating on turbo.

The 120 Cloudwheels are too hard for my liking, it didn’t feel safe to carve with them, easy to slip which is very scary in the beginning with such a heavy board.

I switched to 115mm Onsra Rubber wheels and that felt smoother, grippier and more safe.

First 100%-10% ride the next day

I’m 82kg and did some off road ( couple of KMs on grass and gravel), but mostly street, uphill and flat roads (pretty windy as well) and got 37km range, mostly in speed mode 3 with quite a lot of top-speed runs in turbo. This was on 115mm Onsra rubber wheels and 40T pulley.

Battery sag was substantial during half of the 3rd bar and 2 last bars (at 50-40%) which I found weird since I heard that the P42A should have little to no sag. May be because that the softer Onsra rubber wheels and 40T pulley draws higher current.

My guess is that 120 cloudwheels and stock 44T pulley would get a bit more range cause of gearing and CWs are harder.

After some experimentation with tightening of the trucks I got it to handle pretty well between 25-60km/h. It carves all right and it’s a blast to zip around. But on stock truck/bushing configuration I struggle to get a good balance between top speed stability and lower speed carve/manoeuvre ability.

I have now changed the bushings to Riptide Krank Canon 93a in the back and APS 90a Canon front. It’s so much better, now it feels like a longboard, stable at high speed and great turning radius at lower speeds!

The Ownboard Bamboo Zeus Pro is a fast, great board with good range BUT I wouldn’t call it premium because of the quality control and the packaging/documentation. I would have been 100% satisfied if it arrived ready to ride but in my case it didn’t.

It feels like it was assembled in a rush.

I would have appreciated some documentation and instructions on how to set up the remote and board for different wheel/pulley configurations, what’s included and maybe some tips on how to customise it for your riding style.

I personally would pay 50$ more if it came fully prepared to ride with nicer packaging, documentation and setup guide.

I’m happy I didn’t go with the M50A cells if they have more sag than the P42As because of the experienced battery sag.

Cloud wheels are not good for street carving.

I feel that changing bushings is a must, the board really came alive with Riptide Krank 93A Canon in the back and Riptide APS 90a Canon I’m the back with cups instead of washers. I’m 83kg so choice of bushings will of course depend on rider weight.

I’m really happy with the board now but I wasn’t right out of the box, both because of the rushed assembly and bushings and cloudwheels.

Douglas Zauha
Board Great! After Service VERY Poor

I have the Ownboard Zeus OG, the Ownboard Zeus Pro, and now the Ownboard Zeus Bamboo. I wanted the Max, but will probably now not buy on as to why.

I like all three boards. I really like the bamboo as it gives the old skate feel and look due to the multi-layer deck. The wider trucks are great. I had an issue with the left motor, and this is where the negative comes in. I reached out to after sales service, and they ran me though a series of unrelated fixes such as using washers on the bash guards. I knew the motor was defective and that a magnet had failed, but I could not get them to understand that...even with video. Finally, I just put new motors on the my expense...and the issue was resolved. So, while there is a warranty, to get anything covered by the warranty is an extreme chore. I had a very similar service experience with my Pro.

So, what I am saying is that the Ownboard boards are great...I really do love them. The after sales warranty service is really, really, really bad. Because of that, I have decided not to buy the Max...which I really wanted.

If warranty is not an issue for you and you can fix your own issues, ya, these boards are great. If you need the warranty and don't want to be frustrated or have to wait weeks and weeks for a diagnosis, fix, and possible might want to explore your options.

I have ten eSK8 boards, so this is not new to me. Good luck in your decision.

Ryan Falcon
Everything you want and more

It’s so incredibly stable and very quick 0-30! Definitely the best bang for your buck

New Bamboo Zeus Pro

Bamboo Zeus Pro is Ownboard's next line up for Zeus Pro series but this time with beautiful bamboo deck. This board uses same ESC from Zeus Pro with much improved performance and its braking power which was based off of many feedback from riders to tune it to further improve the board and it definitely worked. It has smart turn on, hobbywing remote that's been seen on many brands but with more options and features such as setting up the braking power, switching from 2WD to 4WD, gear ratio, you name it.

I personally like street config better than AT config because of the low profile look (like tuner cars) and I even rode much farther with this setup than AT setup. I get more range this way and I much prefer that as I want to ride longer.

The battery in this board is packed with massive Molicel M50A 1170Wh with 25Ah which is what I went with and it gives the oomph and massive range and sagging wasn't that noticeable until around 10% or so. I got about 22 miles with 155mm (it's actually 150mm which they need to update) Hota wheels and I still haven't done full range test with 100mm street wheels yet because range is just so massive compared to AT config. 30+ miles is achievable with AT config and even more with 100mm street wheels.

Board is quick and it is very fast.

Bamboo deck doesn't have much flex to it with my weight but it's quite fun to jump in the middle without bottoming it out while waiting for the cars to go by.

Board comes with extra padded grip-tape, goodies (extra hardware, spacers, tools, remote charging cable, etc), extra belts, gigantic charger with built in fans, bashguard kit, skateboard handle, 40T Pulleys (if you request a set), extra two tubes for AT tires, etc.

Quality: ★★★★★
Performance: ★★★★★
Range: ★★★★☆
Flex on the deck: Feels stiff the way I like it.

Feedback for the board:
Overall the board is great but it needs further improvement with charging port cover which just pops open and it's not very secure when riding. Screw in charging port cover with waterproofing ring would be excellent and it'll be more secure than just silicone rubber cap.

Braking is plenty powerful but I just wish that the rear wheels would completely lockup when engaging brakes fully because board still rolls either forward or backwards (or even when wind is blowing to push me when on my board). This can be helpful especially at the hill where I have to stop and wait for the cars to go by at the stop sign without the board just rolling off into the interception which can be dangerous.

Ownboard's very own unique remote with bigger screen in the centre that displays the speed, braking power, odometer, battery for both remote and board in %, tuner for acceleration, speed, braking, etc.

Packaging needs more padding especially around the wheels so that it's well protected and they should use double box for double the protection.

If these improvements are made for this board, this could be one of the best board that came out this year.

I'm satisfied with this board and I get a lot of compliments from people whenever I take this board out. Currently using different grip-tape that I designed which has 3mm padding on it for extra comfort.

Ivan Alvarenga
Awesome performance and value!

This board is great. Although it's my first esk8, I have been riding since skateboards had clay wheels. I'm 60 years old so not as lively as I used to be and this board has way more performance than I think I'll ever be comfortable using....I love it. I've only used speed mode 2 and it's incredible!

Great build quality and tech specs. Also very responsive support! My board arrived with a bent rear axel, due to shipping, and they quickly sent out a new rear hanger in about a week. Very fast!

You can't go wrong with this board, it handles tightly with a superb and supple ride.

No complaints!

Great board. Nice deck and wide trucks that makes for a confident riding experience. Belts were a little tight for my liking but otherwise no issues thus far. I also swapped out the Hota tires for street wheels after receipt but I also enjoyed it right out of the box with the AT set-up.

Ownboard tossed some extra goodies into the box for me which was great.

Tons of value, guys. Great job Ownboard!

Patrick Trice
The Zues of Zueses!

Wow! So for some background information, I previously was riding the carbon Zues Pro and so far the bamboo Zeus Pro is even better than the magnificent carbon Zues Pro.
What had been my few complaints of the carbon Zeus Pro, the sunmate tires and the rough grass riding (to be expected from a stiff carbon board) are totally fixed by the bamboo Zues Pro. Plus more battery!? It’s a win win win in my book. Also I didn’t know I needed wider hangers, love the stability!!

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