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Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit



The ESC uses a customized Hobbywing ESC with sensor. As other Ownboard models it still has a smooth acceleration & braking but with a faster startup speed and a more powerful climbing ability. The high discharge current of 40A will keep you and your eBoard always strong and powerful, even when you are riding on mountainous roads.  
To ensure a sufficient range we choosed an appropriate battery (Samsung 30Q) with a discharge current of 45A (15A*3=45A). This new product is suitable for experienced esk8ters and more uphill roads.
Regenerative Braking: 
The battery will be recharged when you brake, which saves up  more energy for a longer ride.
2.4G Wireless Remote:  
With 3 speed modes, ergonomic design, excellent soft touch material, no more connection losses,smoother acceleration & braking. An integrated LED display shows settings & battery level. We also included a vibration reminder for power & connection.
Max Speed:
Beginner Mode: 12.5mph (20 km/h)
Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h)
Proficient Mode: 26mph (42 km/h)
Range on full charging:  
SAMSUNG 30Q 9.0Ah: 14-16 miles(22.5~25.5 km)  
Up Hill:  

Dual Belt Motor Kit includes

1 x Dual belt motor 5045-270Kv installed on the trucks      
1 x Front wheels installed on the 8 inches trucks(83 or 90) 
1 x Extra belt   3M 252mm/15mm width   
1 x Extra Kegel Pulley  
1 x All screws and nuts

Dual Belt Motor and ESC Kit includes

1 x Dual belt motor 5045-270Kv installed on the trucks      
1 x Hobbywing custom ESC installed in the enclosure   
1 x Front wheels installed on the 8 inches trucks(83 or 90) 
1 x Remote with USB charging cable
1 x Foam pads for enclosure       
1 x Tools and battery adapter cable      
1 x Extra belt   3M 252mm/15mm width   
1 x Extra Kegel Pulley  
1 x All screws and nuts

OWNBOARD W2 Kit includes (without deck)

1 x Dual belt motor 5045-270Kv installed on the trucks      
1 x Hobbywing custom ESC installed in the enclosure   
1 x Samsung 30Q 3P10S 9.0Ah Battery installed in the enclosure   
1 x Front wheels installed on the 8 inches trucks(83 or 90) 
1 x Remote with USB charging cable
1 x Foam pads for enclosure       
1 x certificated charger      
1 x DC port charger adapter (US, AU, or EU plug up to your location)      
1 x Tools and battery adapter cable      
1 x Rear LED light  and  user manual       
1 x Dash-proof rubber  and black grip tape
1 x Extra belt   3M 252mm/15mm width   
1 x Extra Kegel Pulley  
1 x All screws and nuts

Customer Reviews

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Great kit

I got the build your own board kit as a Christmas Preston for my son. We put it all together and it is awesome. Only problem was when we opened the box one of the power wires to one of the belt drive motors was cut. No a huge deal just spliced it together but it is a very small gauge wire. It would be nice to see a little better wire used there . But all in all great product thinking about getting another job be for myself.


Really great acceleration, speed and range. I'm very pleased with the build!

Absolutely great.

Truly an awesome product, great range torque and build quality.
The only issue is that ownboard did not display that the kits unlike the boards are not tax free.


Ownboard Dual Belt Motor Kit

fast shipping, epic kit

First I ordered a W2 and loved it so much this time I got the kit to convert a spare deck I had.
The quality is awesome and the shipping speed was remarkably fast to where I live in regional Australia. (11 days vs the usual 30 days ).

Nice one ownboard!

We usually send out customers' orders within two working days after receiving their orders. The specific delivery date will vary according to the progress of customs clearance. OWNBOARD hope our customers can receive their parcels as soon as possible
Cant buy separate parts

I tried to buy just the belt motor kit and the esc separate but once i purchased the belt motor i noticed they didnt sell the esc for the belt motor kit so now i cant use it because i dont have to esc for it:/

You can email us : ownboard@hotmail.com or contact our online customer service. You will get more help and prompt reply. Thank you .

I watched a huge amount of electric skateboard videos on youtube for years until i almost went insane wanting to try one. I did a lot of research on budget boards since boosted pushed me away costing as much as a used car.

So i found ownboard, dove right in a bought the w2. Took a long while to arrive,....but when i did i was instantly in love. 8+ high speed bails later i finally have developed the balance needed to ride aggresive. Im in louisiana and esk8 is almost alien so the roads and drivers are bad, but enough rambling.

Best purchase ive made in years. Only issues are the motor mounts and esc being glued on and pretty much permanant so i cant customize it.

11/10 also bought an extra motor kit. Would be nice to be able to buy belts seperately though.

One day i will buy your AT board it looks super dope.

Thank you for your support. Belts are already available on our website. Click on the link for more details: https://www.ownboard.net/collections/parts-accessories-for-electric-skateboard/products/drive-belt-4pcs-for-2set . Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service or email ownboard@hotmail.com. You will get more direct communication and more help. Thank you
Best kit ever!!!!

I’ve had the ownboard esc & belt kit for over a month now and wow, this thing has some go to it. I have attached the kit to my Wowgo 3 and it was the best thing I ever did to the board. When the kit arrived, I thought I would of just been getting the esc and power truck but I actually got way more than that. I got a battery case, lots of screws, bearings, orangatang style pulleys, new griptape, 83mm spare wheels, the list just goes on.
I’m very happy that I purchased this kit from Ownboard, and I can’t wait for what they bring out next. Thanks Ownboard!

W2 kit review

I purchased 3 of the W2 kits to build myself and kids each a board. We previously had 3 W1's and liked everything about them except for the thin urethane on the rear wheels, lots of vibrations on anything but smooth roads. I decided to use Landyahtz Stratus decks for all three. So far we have about 400 miles on each board with zero issues except for one had a remote that would intermittently not turn on but was replaced under warranty and only took about a week to get. I replaced all of the trucks base plates with 50 degree front and 43 degree rear Paris ones (mainly because I already had them) and switched out all of the wheels with orangatang kegel 77a's which while the green and black wheels included with the kit are actually pretty good, the kegels are like riding on a cloud, the included kegel pulleys fit nice and tight. Still on original belts and at 400 miles still look pretty good. Real world top speed on phone GPS is 27mph for me at 175lbs and about 29 for my 110lb daughter. Best range was just over 21 miles mostly flat in the second speed setting, worst was 10.9 miles almost all wide open in speed three with lots of hills, average about 14-15 miles mixed speed/terrain. Not sure if there is some sort of overev rev limit protection but they do cut out if going wide open down a steep hill, nothing terrible, just a sudden loss of power which we never experienced on the W1's. They accelerate, climb, and brake noticeably more than the W1's but not by a huge margin which is perfectly fine with us, I actually prefer the smooth acceleration curve from about 0-5mph with a noticeable increase in acceleration above that. Overall very pleased with the quality of the kits, nothing but smiles thus far. Only thing I would change would be to make the battery enclosure 1/2 inch narrower, when mounting on a deck with any amount of concave its pretty hard to get the outer edges sealed to the deck. Only reason we'd get rid of these would be if we went to an AT st...

Ownboard W-2 Kit

Very Good
Super Range