Could this be the Boosted Board killer we’ve all been waiting for Ownboard W2?

by Joe Jose on May 10, 2019

What we have here is the Ownboard W2 Review. Could this be the Boosted Board killer we’ve all been waiting for?

At a much lower price point, and still hosting some very impressive stats. It’s the first time we’ve seen a belt driven “budget board”.

With the Hobbywing ESC which we’ve seen on many boards like Wowgo and Backfire. It gives the board smooth acceleration and more control to the rider. Until now, all of them have been using Hubmotors. But it’s all changed now with the Ownboard W2.

Lets get into it.

Highlight Features
Top Speed: 26mph/42kmh
Range: 12.5-14 miles(20~22.5 km)
Power: 5045 Dual Belt Motor
Warranty : 180 days
Shipping : Free World Wide


Ownboard W2 MotorsThe motors of the Ownboard W2 are the most significant change when comparing it to the W1S. As you can tell by looking at the Electric Skateboard, It’s now belt driven.

Ownboard with the W2 has now moved away from the Hub motor driven boards which they have previously produced.

The advantages you have of a belt driven motor is not having the motor taking up space in the side of the wheel.

With hub motors, because they are concealed inside of the wheel and takes up a lot of space. As a result, the polyurethane is very thin.

By having thinner polyurethane, it compromises ride comfort and grip.

Top Speed
26mph / 42kmh

Ownboard has improved the top speed from the previous model.

Ok, it’s only improved by 1 mph, but still, that’s better than the W1S.

A majority of skateboard all hover around 25mph mark for their top speed.

The acceleration is slightly slower than other belt driven boards like the boosted. But as the top speed of the Ownboard is quicker, you quickly start catching the Boosted Board back up again.

Considering the price difference from the Ownboard W2 to the Boosted Stealth I think that’s more than a fair compromise.

The wheels that come with the ownboard W2 are 83mm.

One point I need to make here is at the moment you are unable to remove the pullies from the rear wheels.

Currently, Ownboard does not sell additional pulleys which means as it stands this makes it incredibly difficult to swap and change to different wheels.

This is a shame as that’s the one significant benefit of having a hub driven electric skateboard is being able to change to different sized or make of wheels quickly.

The wheels that ship with the own board W2 are excellent and for most people will be more than sufficient.

A lot of people are already accustomed to the smooth braking of the Hobbywing ESC.

And we find the same smooth braking with the W2.

The breaking isn’t as strong Compared to Boards like the Boosted Board. But that’s not in any way saying that the braking on the Ownboard W2 is bad.

The Ownboard W2 desk is made from 2-Layers bamboo + 6-Layers Maple wood, 38*9.05 inches, Flex designed. This is nowhere near as flexible as the deck you get with the Boosted Boards.

Having flex will improve the ride in some respects, as it will iron out some of the bumps you run over on your usual trip.

But having more flex from the deck isn’t necessarily better, and it’s down to personal preference and riding style.

Ownboard has kept the hand cut out making it nice and easy to carry.

Also on inspection, it also has some shock exhausting grip tape. By having this, it does make it slightly easier to carry with the handle as the ridge is somewhat thicker and doesn’t put as much pressure on a specific point of your hand.

The remote for the W2 is nothing special at the moment. We’ve only seen the prototype version of the W2 board and the remote that will come with it, so the likelihood of there being a different remote when it ships is highly likely.

The one they are currently using is the one they’ve used on the W1S as you would expect.

If they do stick with this remote, it’s in no means a bad thing. 

It feels good in the hand and very intuitive to use and gives a lot of control over the board.

We see another advantage with the trucks due to the W2 having belt driven motors the back truck and be more similar to a normal electric longboard truck. These are slightly wider than rear truck you will find on the Electric Skateboards with hub driven motors.

They are standard trucks but this doesn’t mean they are lacking in this department compared to other Electric Skateboarding manufacturers.

If you wanted to swap the trucks out at any point it’s very easy to do so, and following any of the vast amounts instructional videos on youtube will help.

Ownboard W2 Range: SAMSUNG 25R 7.5Ah: 12.5-14 miles(20~22.5 km)

The range of the Ownboard W2 is right where you would expect it to be for a board of this price range.

They the Range will vary quite a bit depending on the type of Rider you are and your weight. If you’re getting anything above 10 miles in proficient mode. Then I would call that a pretty good range.

Ownboard Are rumored to also be releasing the W2 with a second battery option which will be the Samsung Q30 give you a 9.0Ah.

So if or someone using this board for a longer commute then it might be worth waiting for this auction to be released.

We haven’t got any details in terms of the total range of the 9.0Ah battery but I will update this section the second it’s released.

Who Are Ownboard
Ownboard was founded in 2013 when it was registered in Hong Kong, China, the and USA.

a fast accelerating growth quickly propelled the company into one of the best well-known electric skateboarding manufacturers.

over 6000 customers from all over the world Ownboard now have a sizeable following.

The slogan. “Super Quality, Satisfactory Service” Pushes own ball to try and be the best company for their customers as possible.



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