The Power Core of Electric Skateboards - Lithium-ion Battery Pack

by Joe Jose on September 20, 2018
A power battery is a battery that powers transportation vehicles.
Typically compared to small batteries that provide energy for portable electronic devices.
According to the difference in battery reaction principle,
Basically can be divided into lead-acid power batteries, nickel-hydrogen power batteries, lithium-ion power batteries.

The most commonly used lithium ion battery is a secondary battery, which has high energy density and can be reused many times.
Lithium-ion batteries are usually composed of the following components:
1. positive electrode
2. negative electrode
3. separator
4. outer casing.
The positive electrode is composed of a positive electrode paste and an aluminum foil, and the positive electrode material mainly includes a manganese-based compound such as lithium manganate, a ternary material such as nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate or the like. The positive electrode paste is composed of a positive electrode material, a binder, and a conductive agent. The negative electrode is composed of a negative electrode paste and a copper foil. The negative electrode materials are conventionally various carbon materials, and silicon carbon composite materials are now being studied. There is no elemental lithium in the lithium-ion battery. It was just started, and it was eliminated after it was not safe enough.

Ownboard uses the latest generation of lithium batteries.
Ownboard Battery Samsung 4.0 and Samsung 6.0 and Sanyo 20700
Samsung electric skateboard batterys: Power lithium battery, stable energy release, low temperature, long cycle life, low power consumption,18650 lithium battery
Sanyo electric skateboard batterys: power lithium battery, Tesla car battery, 20700 lithium battery.

10% increase in volume, 1.33 times capacity increase, and 25% increase in battery cost

We pursue excellence and pursue safety. We choose the best battery.


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