Why choose to buy OWNBOARD electric skateboard?

by Joe Jose on September 25, 2018

In fact, it is still difficult to make an excellent electric skateboard. It is not a simple combination of Trucks, panels, motors, batteries and wheels. It is actually a long systematic design process. At present, there are not many people thinking from the perspective of user experience, and there is no overall design solution with innovative thinking. Can you build an electric skateboard that everyone likes, and combine the ideals of my mind with the needs of skateboarders, so that more skateboard powders really have an electric skateboard that they like?

After three months of thinking and active discussions with my team, our 15-person R&D team set a goal for ourselves to be the best electric skateboard! It has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable, flexible driving, sophisticated materials, and affordable prices. It is a "super sports car" that you can afford and play cool, both entertaining and travel.

Flowing water-like curve, pleasing artistic beauty
We all call the master's partners spend countless days and nights, after hundreds of adjustments and designs, and finally form this unique and unique innovative product
Its appearance is outstanding, the shape of the board is simple and not simple, the black and gray are classic and durable, and the body lines are natural and smooth like water, which is pleasing to the eye.

Board material
Strength, weight and price/performance ratio are all indispensable
We fully consider the weight and strength of the skateboard, it should be light and easy to carry,
It should have sufficient hardness to resist impact and fall, touch it, it should be easy to shape and
Mass production, its price can not be too high, to be acceptable to the majority of skateboarders,
To this end, after trying dozens of materials and formulations, we finally selected the nautical grade of Canadian Maple, which combines the three advantages.

E-Skateboard Trucks
The extraordinary "car body chassis", tailored 51 ° exclusive bridge frame superior design, equivalent to the body of the sports car, this unique design, of course, need to be able to match the exclusive chassis. The bridge is like the chassis of a car. The most important thing about a supercar is the chassis. So we have used hundreds of experiments in the design and used dozens of materials. In the impact test, hundreds of boards were scrapped, and now there is the bottom. The integrated bridge design; OWNBOARD's bridge is cast from aviation grade aluminum, the quenching process increases the impact strength, and it can take into account the characteristics of safety, reliability, bearing capacity and convenient turning.

Like a suspension system for a car,
Both good and can not affect the connection
Through the unique design of the PU suspension pad and the double damping of the high-performance PU wheel,
Increases the OWNBOARD's 30% damping.

Super-running motor
The high-quality steel pipe is protected by the high-precision CNC motor casing to protect the safety of the motor. The internal use of the national standard 180 degree high temperature copper enameled wire to ensure large current and large power output; N40 high-grade high temperature resistant NdFeB magnet High-grade imported silicon steel sheet as stator; Japan NSK high-speed motor bearing as transmission body; equipped with customized high-quality high-strength long-life belt; long-term life test after tens of thousands of kilometers; all of this is to ensure King Kong It has the same power as a super sports car.

Electromechanical control system
This is our most proficient area of technology.
The control system of a scooter determines how it feels to be used, just like the control system of an electric car determines the final driving experience.
Its sense of control is like Tesla, it is quick to start, very smooth, no frustration!
Strength team, core technology support We have a research and development team composed of experienced controller experts, using brushless non-inductive DC motor sine wave vector control technology, combined with high-speed motor for people, road and application scenarios, etc. Thousands of debugging, collected thousands of test rides, test mileage of tens of thousands of kilometers

Energy recovery system
The OWNBOARD electric skateboard is equipped with an energy recovery system for automobiles. During the driving process, part of the kinetic energy is converted into electric energy and stored, which can effectively increase the battery life under the same battery capacity.

This is our dream electric skateboard - OWNBOARD.


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