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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

Based on 2011 reviews
Good board, but too heavy and bulky for my liking

I think Ownboard has done a great job with the Zeus Pro and overall I was happy to ride it for a bit. The quality of the board is good, but the weight and bulkiness makes it absolutely uncaryable. If you are willing to compromise, this is a good option!

Great Board, Faulty Controller

I received my 2WD board last week. The board itself is great, but my controller has proved completely faulty. At first, the low battery indicator for the remote would show up after 5 minutes of using it. After restarting the controller, it was back to full battery, so clearly something was off with the low-voltage protection circuit.

The second day I had the board, I was riding about 30mph toward an intersection and started braking. The brakes would not work, and I looked down to see my controller was completely shut off. Fortunately, I had a green light so it turned out okay, but I could have been killed in that moment due to poor quality assurance from OwnBoard. I refuse to ride this board until I get a new controller than I can trust. I reached out to their support team and so far, it seems like they don't believe that this is an issue. They have not offered to replace the faulty controller or any other kind of solution. If you value your life, I strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a eboard. This is absolutely unacceptable for a $2200 skateboard.

Terrible experience

Unfortunately I have one of the worst experiences ever with the board and the company. I’ve had issues since day 1. Board wasn’t assembled properly and the pulley was scraping on the motor mount so bad that it took the paint off the pulley. Found out that there were missing washers on that side, the other side had a crossed threaded truck etc. Couldn’t get a response for a week or so and then I’ve been told that it’s not a big deal and the board will ride just fine. Well, it did for few days and then I started loosing battery charge really quickly, getting a motor stalling message and then one of the motors died completely and the other one is clicking like crazy. I’ve sent videos of the dead motor, videos of the clicking one and I’m being asked constantly to take it apart angain and make more videos. Absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had and now the board is siting with one dead motor and the other one’s shaft is clicking so it’s completely unridable. I’ve been asked to take the board apart again and send them more videos that I already took. I don’t have time to be taking this board apart almost daily and keep sending them videos. I’m gonna be filling a complaint with my cc because I want my money back. I’m angry at myself that I didn’t go with a Metroboard to be honest and now I’m riding on my old board. Stay away from these boards, company especially and get something that will last you and if something goes wrong, you will get some help and actually parts to replace the broken ones.

Ownboard Handle
Stafon Reese
My First ESk8

Best Board I've ever had experienced since the Onewheel. Because of The Speed and the range. Looks are amazing. The handle fits perfectly with my new ShredLights

Bamboo Bliss

I am new to electric skateboards, watched/read all the reviews, and decided to go with the Bamboo Zeus Pro. I am very happy with my purchase. I have owned it for just over a month, ridden about 130 miles. I went with the 6-inch Hota tires. You can't beat the look of the oil slick wheels Ownboard includes. They are beautiful. (I had an issue with one of the wheels, but Ownboard's Customer Service resolved the issue, which is expected as this particular board has a 365-day warranty) Even better is having the option to change wheels for different road conditions and experiences. I would recommend getting the 5M40T kegel pulleys with drive belts as accessories to be able to experiment with polyurethane wheels, but use wheels at least 100mm and larger for this board. I also purchased some Evolve hubs on sale and BKB 6-inch all terrain tires to mix it up. This is my new favorite hobby. Looking forward to the summer to do longer rides, which is also why I love the battery capacity and not having to worry about range. I don't think I will ever use the Turbo mode, but nice to have. This board checks all the boxes. I hope Ownboard succeeds and continues to innovate in this emerging market (application of this technology), making great electric skateboards at a competitive price, like the Bamboo Zeus Pro.

Very nice board

It’s a very nice board it’s a long board and short board combined it has a little kicktail you can use if you want a longboard but you also want a kicktail to commute easily very nice board overall

Zeus Pro

Can I use the motor truck to replace the rear truck on the Zeus pro?

New charger

1st own the Ownboard Zeus Pro for 2yrs. Still powerful a one of the best boards I have road. Had to get new charger do to a fire. The new charger with the fan is great. Charges fast

Ownboard Zeus Pro

Great board! The fit/finish for the carbon matte deck and oil slick truck are amazing. The ESC provides a very smooth acceleration. The only gripe I have with the board is that there were a few spacers missing between the deck trucks and no instruction manual
..Otherwise, everything else was perfect. Customer service has also been great to deal with. Ownboard provided prompt replies whenever I had any issues or questions. Highly recommend the Zeus Pro and supporting this company. Keep up the great work, Ownboard. Thank you!

You get what you expect

It's not gonna be as if I had shocks on my skateboard but it's definitely an upgrade from the hard cloud wheels when going off road

fun but lacks quality

I just got my new ownboard and I am stoked it is extremely fun to ride and it is awesome. I do have to keep pressing down the foam grip tape they put on which I can easily replace. Also the only logo on this is on the wheels. It also took 1 month arrive. If you are thinking about getting one DO it. Its like riding an endless concrete wave. High speed kinda sketch tighten those trucks!

Zeus Bamboo Pro

I love this board !! It's fast, stabile and battery range is great. Also it looks beautiful. Definitely my best looking skateboard.

Wonderful board

I have just got mine, even earlier than i expected (in one month), nice board, a little bigger and heavier than I expected. I just tried inside, but almost fell, even if I have experience of cruiser for years, it has another technique, you have to put your weight to the front leg instead of the behind, but with a little practice I think not hard to ride. Seems very strong, even the first gear.

Will This fit the new pro max AWD?

Want to get bigger tires for my Zues pro Max AWD? Will I need to buy an extra Pulleys?


another 2 in1 board setting a trend. Now a 2 in 1 with FLEX that has over 1000wh battery capacity. Insane! stable yet carvey. good looking yet elegant. We highly recommend this board

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Super board

Received board after about one and a half months! The board is a beast, looks great!

Drive Belts (4 Pcs for 2 Set)

Currently 500+ miles in on my Bamboo Zeus Pro with same 275mm belts that was included for 40T Kegel pulleys (requested for a set for pulleys and belts so basically 2 in 1) and none of them snapped on me yet. They are extremely durable, high quality and they holds really well! 12 bucks for 4 pcs of belts isn't bad at all! Highly recommended!!!

Just arrived

Wow, this board is. Powerful Very pleased with this purchase.
Great job ownboard 👍🏾

Honeycomb Tires

Way better than pneumatics. Less worrying about flats and punctures. The pneumies that came with my board either are defective or always getting punctured. Less stress now and can just keep on riding.

Extra Remote
Timi Streat
Extra remote

Great company, easy to use product, had all the support i needed to pair the remote. I will be purchasing from this company again. This is how customers return.

Ownboard bamboo zues pro

This is a great board, I had the bamboo at pro before and it’s all that I loved about that board with more power range speed ect. I ride it down to 1 bar of battery and there still is voltage sag but it can go 50kph on low battery.

It’s comfortable but I would recommend putting on the added foam griptape if you plan to take longer rides as it can get quite “warm” on your feet.

I would also check the bolts and screws before you ride and make sure there tightened down as when i received mine a good bit were loose, way to loose then they should’ve been

I also wish there was more features like maybe a charge port for a phone or or customizable settings on the remote or even an app

It’s an all around great board and for the price there isn’t anything rlly better

Remote Controller


Bluetooth connection to the board

The board is great, drives really fast, you stand on it really well, a nice, wide surface, the only drawback is the Bluetooth connection breaks from time to time from the controller to the board, but reconnects immediately. Said it was normal, otherwise no problems.

Revised review

This board delivers everything I hoped for. The range is fantastic and the board handles great at speed. Just what I wanted. Took awhile for shipping by sea but the wait was worth it.

They honor the warranty!

They will replace broken stuff! The board is tremendous


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