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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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The best board

Love this board. I recommend

Is God board,hi power!!

I would like more types of wheels, i'm happy with the cloudwheels and the all terrain wheels..but I would like more gt feeling for perfect roads...

Awesome board

Took out the Bamboo At with the AT wheels for the first ride today. (rare warm day in Canadian winter) We'll I'm speechless, it somehow made my Enertion Raptor 2, Wowgo 2s and Meepo Mini feel obsolete. Soooo smooth and carvy, I was worried about the whine of the motors because those damn boosted boards are so loud compared to my Hub motor boards. I am pleased to say that the motors are nearly silent and I didn't find the sound loud or annoying at all. This was a huge win for me as I I want the board to be stealthy on the bike paths. I've seen the reviews with the cloud wheels and will put them on in the spring, but the AT Wheels are sweet and give you confidence on anything bumpy. I thought the double Kingpin trucks would feel weird but they just allow you to really lay into your carves. I weigh 200 lbs.

I'm super impressed so far and can see myself leaving my Raptor at home to ride this. Definitely an amazing value, if the longevity and reliability are there, I will be stoked.

Great board!

Board is great but took quite a long time to arrive . If purchasing for Christmas, give at least 6 weeks for shipping.

To Much flex

The deck has way to much flex for me and it scratches the undercarriage when I go over a speed bump. It’s definitely not bad but just something I’m not used to. Still love the board though.

Great service love the range

Great product rides well I love the range on it. I hope you guys can get more with longer range

Rice review

Great board feels very solid riding and handles well. Remote is smooth and responsive. Only knock would be doesn’t reach advertised speed and it’s easy to flip to reverse on the remote without knowing. Love it and use it almost daily. Beat board for the money. Would love to try other models.

Great board with a great price

I ordered the board during Black Friday and it arrived now. That is pretty slow shipping but the board is so good that I don't think that deserves any stars taken away. It has great speed, great acceleration, and great range. I tested it and got 30 kilometers! that is 5 kilometers more than advertised! I haven't even gone anywhere near the top speed yet because it is so fast! I think this is a great board that most people would really enjoy.

Excellent product, mysterious shipping

I love these ESC's, they're smooth, responsive, and FAST! However, the shipping takes way too long. It says it ships from NC but magically takes 3-4 days before it comes from Compton, CA.. so if you dont mind waiting a week or two, its definitely worth the wait.

Ownboard Mini KT (30") - Electric Skateboard

Its actually a really good board

My board has stood up to me torturing it. Its has been handling great. Good speed, great torque, and takes hills like a champ. 30° uphill without hesitation. AT wheels on it and you could ride it through the bowels of the underworld and back pretty smoothly. It corners sharply if you need/want. The battery life is great on the board, the controller will run out before the board does. It holds up sturdy to physical abuse, taking run ins with concrete and and metal with only minor dings and scratches. You will be broken before the board. Helmet is an absolute, and pads are highly recommended, you'll find yourself at high speed faster than you'd imagine and you'll find out how tricky gravity and momentum can be as fast as this board will accelerate. Be warned this thing is heavy, I was not expecting the heft of it and your average board carrier ain't gonna cut it. The grip tape will have to be replaced after a week or two, but I was in mud and rain, so take that with a grain of salt. This board is a blast though, I've already recommended it to many friends. Worth the money and a definite competitor to mainstream boards.

bad.....bad bad bad bad........

ok.....5 weeks ago I ordered my bamboo at + gt, UPS says it hasn't received any orders yet, any apology, no compensation, $ 1000 less in my account, I guess at least it will come with the new remote control, because it would be very ugly that a couple of days after buying the table, it is already the old version

My first Board

This is my first Electrcian skateboard and I’m loving it. I chose the carbon board because I’m a heavyweight and it supports my 115kg fine. I’m also keen to do a bit of off road stuff which is why I chose the AT. Out of the box I chose not to adjust the trucks big mistake I got some massive speed wobbles and managed to stay on my board thankfully. So I’d suggest checking that first. I’ve been riding it to work everyday and it’s been great I get lots of looks. The one thing I should’ve done was buy the cloud wheels at the time of purchase it would’ve been great to play with another option. One day!!!
All in all a great board and would recommend it.

5 star board, but 4 star experience..

I'm absolutely loving the board! At first I received it with a damaged motor, but was replaced immediately which impressed me. Upon removing the old motor and the enclosure I noticed there was a crack on the "protective plate" covering the battery packs as well as an exposed wire on the new motor they sent in. The board itself is a 10/10, but just don't understand how the board made it past quality control with the crack. I'm just not too fond of the idea of having a crack on the battery pack of a board I just spent $1k on.

They just apologized for the negligence on their part. Not the response I wanted, but I just put some electric tape around each of the wires and just called it a day. They said the crack wouldn't affect the board at all so I'm just going to have to go with their word and hope I don't get bodied!..

I originally had a rampage, but returned it due to a damaged deck, wobbly back left wheel and error code for one of the motors. This board has cnc machined components as opposed to plastic components. Overall is a much higher quality build and better feel of the board. The cloudwheels make in an overall dream to ride!!! It also had a better turning radius as well as more torque and feels a bit more snappier than the rampage.

They come out with a screen on the remote

Great board so far but why not sell the new esc and remote for customers who want the new remote with the screen.

Finally received, very good product

Some delays in the delivery (40 days) but the product is absolutelly Top. Completely similar (... in many aspects better than) to concurrents.
The board is very big and heavy to transport so I suggest to Ownboard to invent some kind of handlers that can help to transport it using the front weels rolling. I’ll be more accurate in next reviews

On arrival the lcd screen was not fitted properly with large gaps water could enter around it, also one of the hub motors doesn’t perform nere as well as the other causing some consern. It does reach advertised top speeds but the range is about half what was expected.

order 37082

Hi. I will wright a review later as I have not received my board yet.

Incredible board

It's my first electric longboard. Once you get your hands on it, you would love this board. Curves better on cloudwheel. Strong torque, long range and great 3 modes speed. Apparently the enclosure for the electronics are well sealed, but I haven't tried riding in the rain or wet surface.
Only down side is that the board is really heavy, so it's gonna be hard to carry around.

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Great board! Not perfect yet

It's clear this isn't a board that is for commuter style riding. So it is cumbersome if you try. I want to see accessories that can protect the motors and the bottom of the board from scrapes or other damage as well as a way to make the board stand against the wall when I'm in a public place. It's still a fun ride with both AT and Cloudwheels. It's not easy lugging this around because you have to drag the board on the motorside, otherwise you risk scraping the motors pulling from the front. I hear there has been an upgrade to the remote and brakes that I missed getting on my board by 2 wks. Hopefully there is a way to upgrade?

Overall good quality but could be improved

The back tires are a bit too soft in my opinion because the rubber already started to peel off in some parts, the rubber protector for the battery could be made in a smaller size to fit better the battery without the need to be cut, plus the glue could only be in one side of it instead of having both sides sticky after removing the plastic. Also the protective rubber for the wood deck could be made in the same shape/size for the ends of the wood so I could put it in place without having to cut it. Otherwise the building quality is great and the board meets the expectations

Excellent board

Fast, safe, and enjoyable to ride.

Nice Board

Was worried how cheap the controller would feel & work but am relived that it isn't bad at all and the controls have a nice response to them! The board is so far Awesome.

Good value, fast & quality board

It's my first eboard, I'm addicted, racked up around 150kms skating around Brisbane so far... There are many excellent bikeways to explore, it feels great passing road cyclists on the flat, highly recommended!