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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Thrilled with purchase

I am 100% happy with my new ownboard. The board has great flex, nice components with the wheels, bearings and trucks used, and it just moves! The Bluetooth controller works flawlessly and then spring loaded thumb control is perfect. I recommend and would buy again. Thanks!!!

Best kit ever!!!!

I’ve had the ownboard esc & belt kit for over a month now and wow, this thing has some go to it. I have attached the kit to my Wowgo 3 and it was the best thing I ever did to the board. When the kit arrived, I thought I would of just been getting the esc and power truck but I actually got way more than that. I got a battery case, lots of screws, bearings, orangatang style pulleys, new griptape, 83mm spare wheels, the list just goes on.
I’m very happy that I purchased this kit from Ownboard, and I can’t wait for what they bring out next. Thanks Ownboard!

Best Thing Since The Electric Toaster

This electric skateboard is my favorite mode of transportation. As long as weather permits, I ride it to work or out to get a bite to eat. Saves on gas money and no need to pay for auto insurance. Also, to my surprise it was really easy to learn to ride. I've never skateboarded before I got this and I was flying down streets after my first week. Especially great is the fact that the large wheels tank large cracks in the sidewalk or in my case rough roads like nothing as long as you're going fast enough to make it over them. Highly recommended e-board.

Good quality

I have had my board for a few months now and roughly through15-20 charges. Still get same range and speeds. Very impressed and would recommend! Also it’s very very quite. My other belt driven board is very loud compared to the Ownboard!

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Ownboard Carbon AT (40”) | All Terrain Electric Skateboard | Dual Belt Motor

This board is worth it.

This board came with a broken kicktail. I was upset so I contacted customer service and they immediately sent a brand new deck free with express shipping. I will stick with ownboard and this stoked board. I love the board , I love the great customer service I received and thank them for putting up with me through that process. As an electric skateboard daily rider, I recommend ownboard👌

W2 kit review

I purchased 3 of the W2 kits to build myself and kids each a board. We previously had 3 W1's and liked everything about them except for the thin urethane on the rear wheels, lots of vibrations on anything but smooth roads. I decided to use Landyahtz Stratus decks for all three. So far we have about 400 miles on each board with zero issues except for one had a remote that would intermittently not turn on but was replaced under warranty and only took about a week to get. I replaced all of the trucks base plates with 50 degree front and 43 degree rear Paris ones (mainly because I already had them) and switched out all of the wheels with orangatang kegel 77a's which while the green and black wheels included with the kit are actually pretty good, the kegels are like riding on a cloud, the included kegel pulleys fit nice and tight. Still on original belts and at 400 miles still look pretty good. Real world top speed on phone GPS is 27mph for me at 175lbs and about 29 for my 110lb daughter. Best range was just over 21 miles mostly flat in the second speed setting, worst was 10.9 miles almost all wide open in speed three with lots of hills, average about 14-15 miles mixed speed/terrain. Not sure if there is some sort of overev rev limit protection but they do cut out if going wide open down a steep hill, nothing terrible, just a sudden loss of power which we never experienced on the W1's. They accelerate, climb, and brake noticeably more than the W1's but not by a huge margin which is perfectly fine with us, I actually prefer the smooth acceleration curve from about 0-5mph with a noticeable increase in acceleration above that. Overall very pleased with the quality of the kits, nothing but smiles thus far. Only thing I would change would be to make the battery enclosure 1/2 inch narrower, when mounting on a deck with any amount of concave its pretty hard to get the outer edges sealed to the deck. Only reason we'd get rid of these would be if we went to an AT st...

So far so good

My first eskateboard so I can't compare it to anything else.
However it serves perfectly so far, I love to ride it.

Maybe it's worth to mention for those who are looking for a new board with no previous experience like I did: if you intend to use the board in traffic (bikes, pedestrians, cars) then the stronger board is safer. You do not need to push it to the max speed, the acceleration will help you a lot on lower speeds.

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Best Board Ever

It exceeded all of my expectations when I first took it out on the road. It moves really well, the throttle control is nice, the brakes are really smooth, it’s just an all around great board

How is the flex on this deck? I just ordered the w2 and im not sure if im going to like the deck on it because it has no convave. So i wad thinking about switching to this one.

Is this the same deck as the w2? What deck should i switch to if i dont like the w2 deck?

Hi , Chase . .The W1 deck has the same shape as the W2 deck, except they have different mounting holes, and the W2 deck is more flexible.If you have any questions, you can leave a message to our online customer service or email us: You will get more direct communication and help. Thank you .
I gave it as a gift but now I buy it too !!!

Three weeks to have him in Rome. A toy that everyone likes and wants. I can't make comparisons but the feeling is of great quality and well spent money. Respect the characteristics declared by the house. Customer service very helpful. I buy another one !!!

Mini board is our bestselling short board. We hope Ownboard will bring you more and more fun. Thanks for your support so much .
Ownboard mini

It rides amazing, hopefully it doesn't break down.

Ownboard 2.4GHz Remote Controller & Waterproof ESC

So much fwoosh

Just got this last week and still can't wipe the stupid grin off my face every time I get on it. Feels amazing to ride and has a crazy amount of power considering the price point. Absolutely loving it so far. Also, love the fact that their support team let me go with rainbow wheels!

I love my Electric skateboard I would like to find out how to purchase the short board

Goes pretty good

It s solid, is fast, nd no problems!

Very satisfied

I was satisfied for good quality and reasonable price of Ownboard W2. I recommend Ownboard W2 for e-board beginners.

Excellent Board, terrible horrible customer service

Let me just say this board is excellent. I weigh 220 and wear a 30 pound backpack and this board has no issue getting me up hills. The power is incredible and sometimes scary. Luckily the ESC is nice and well tuned, just be easy on that remote on takeoff. The board appears to be very good in the rain, as I've never ridden it on a dry day.

With that said the after sales/customer service is awful. They are slow to respond, slow to ship, won't answer basic questions, and always try to corral you into buying replacement parts/service from them. It took me a month to get my board in Seattle. It took a week just to ship. Their "fast shipping" is a total joke. New tires are a whopping 300$, just as much as a pair for a fricken car.. DYE board has some airless tires for half that.

Also make sure to tighten your rear kingpins right enough so your board doesnt rub against the motors. I did that several times and now there is a nice scratch going around both.

Just what I wanted

Wanted to treat myself to a gift and picked this up on sale. Done about ~400km on it now and I love this thing. I weigh 185 and for range I’m getting the reported 30kms. Acceleration and breaking are both smooth, ride comfort is high, love the flexiness of the deck.

Envoi rapide

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