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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

Based on 1863 reviews
Mostly positive, but there's always room for improvement

This is a long, bulleted review. If you're looking for a tl;dr, it's a pretty good board but not a great board. The ordering process was just ok, the unboxing process left something to be desired, and there is a lot of vibration in the ride that I'm still trying to determine the source of.

- I am happy that I paid extra for expedited shipping. The board arrived in 11 calendar days.
- Customer support was responsive to questions.
- I added a handle to my shopping cart and Customer Support notified me that I didn't need to order one because one was included in every order. Because I had already placed the order, I thought they were going to remove it from the order and refund the money. They didn't and the board arrived with 2 in the box. It would have been nice if Customer Support had asked if I wanted to remove the second board handle from my order.

- I ordered a competitor's board at the same time and it arrived first (shipped from the US, so that's not an issue). I was very impressed with the unboxing experience of the competitor; The competitor's board was boxed in a branded box inside an external shipping box. Once the external carton was removed, it was clear as to which side of the inner box was "up" and how to open it. Though the outer carton of the competitor had some slight damage from shipping, the inner carton was well-protected and pristine.

The Zeus Pro was shipped in thick cardboard that was slightly damaged from shipping. When I opened the box with the outer lettering facing up, the board was upside down. It appears that the board was placed in the box upside down. The unboxing experience is important when buying something at this price, and it left something to be desired.

In / Not In The Box
- Inside the box: I found the board with tires pre-mounted, remote, a hefty charger, T-Tool, allen wrenches, 2 innertubes, a selection of bearings in a bag, and an extra sheet of griptape.

- Not included: There was no order information, no quick start instructions, no maintenance documentation. My protective gear shipped with much better documentation. I had to ask support how to get into Turbo mode. Although this board is intended for slightly experienced skaters, documentation adds to a pleasant unboxing experience and may eliminate contacting Customer Support.

The Board:
- The board already had 20 miles on the odometer. Support assured me this was due to QC testing at the factory.
- The top of the front truck mount had many small scratches on it.
- The included bushings are a little soft. After placing Riptide Krank 90a and 93a bushings on, it handles much better.

The Ride:
- I've ridden the board over 100 miles in the last month on various surfaces. On extremely smooth concrete at speeds over 5 MPH there is strong vibration. This could be due to bad tires or out-of-balance wheels. This adds a lot of rider fatigue and isn't pleasant.
I am testing the equipment this weekend to see if the wheels are balanced and true. If there are any issues I will contact support.
- Acceleration is quick and responsive.
- Braking is good.
- Battery range is on target for how many Watt Hours this battery has. I'm not sure the remote is accurately show the board charge. There were still 2 bars of battery life showing on my remote (which should equal about 40% of battery life left) when my board went into low voltage mode, as though the battery was at 20% or less.

All in all, this is a pretty good board. The oilslick finish is nice and the battery is great for this price range but the ride has a lot of vibration and the bushings aren't fantastic. I wouldn't discourage anyone from buying the board, but I would certainly advocate for doing research at this price point and making an educated decision.

Great board, especially for college students

This board is fantastic, The controller is responsive, the speed is perfect for a college campus. Its like having a car on campus but not needing to park it ever. The battery generally lasts me about 2-3 days of random trips around campus + going into town. The largest complaint I currently have (~ a week/60km in) is that the rear wheels squeak slightly when they move. Other than that this board is perfect.

Kicka ass tires !

I love them, can ride over anything :D

Future is here

I'm 30 years old. I like snowboardind and skating very much. So I decided to buy one of the electric skateboards. I chosed ownboard zeus pro. I don't know why exactly, I watched 100 videos and reviews and a buyed this. I tried only one other before(smaller cheaper one). This vehicle has credit and no joke. I almost break myself for the first time, because I tought I can curve at 40m/h with 3 minute experience... I learned to respect it's power and now I can handle it, but it can cause suprise very often. I use it almost every day to move around. I also use it for longer trips on the weekends as well and I love it. Cloudwheels fits perfect for concrete but when the surface get's roughter it turne to flabelos. I can't wait to try pneumatic wheels.(I ask that from Santa insted of food or anything)
All in all it's a future vehicle (people has to use to it in my town, they looking like i'm from another planet or something..) and it is a very satisfying option insted of car or a motorbike. It is a realy plesure to curve to work or go to shop with it.
And by the way the shipment was very fast to Europe (less than 3 weeks) so thank you Ownboard for everything!!!
God be with you!

Sad sad company

I bought a ownboard about 4 months ago and changed the bms because the battery was faulty the thing you must know when buying a ownboard with a 13s4p battery is that you cant replace it so if its dead all your board is please be carefull when buying these guys dont care if your board works or not !!!

Shockingly stable board

Just got mine delivered 3 days ago, and I gotta say it's a fabulous board. truck dont even need to be super tight to be stable at high speed. haven't needed to charge the battery yet even after 3 days of riding. only advice is dont get the cloudwheels, they are a bit of a death trap on even slightly damp roads.

Great ride

Great looking board. There are some minor blemishes from manufacturing but overall it has been good to me so far. I have about 220 miles on it in the last month.
It is so dang fast. I’ve been cruising everywhere at 30mph even on the hills.

good battery but awkward shape

it's a great battery but I don't like the shape of it it makes it very hard to install into my diy electric skateboard because it's so wide I wish they would build it into a rectangle instead of a trapezoid but overall i'll give it a four star rating

Good stability

Very stable and fast

Good Boarded BUT Plagued with Issues

Since owning the board I have been plagued with issues. One of the motors did not work straight out of the box. This was resolved quickly and a new motor sent out immediately (1 week transit).
I have also had multiple bearing failures on the wheels. For such an expensive board I cannot understand why they choose poor quality components. I now have to purchase after market bearings to replace them as the standard ones are rubbish quality.
Overall the riding experience is good but the reliability of the components is terrible.
I have only had the board for 2 months and ridden approx. 40km.

Ownboard Handle
Overall great handle

Great handle for a good price. Definitely must have for those, who want to be mobile with their eskate

So far so good

Use it to get to and from work, makes my commute fun rather than boring in a car or too long walking, also go for random rips around town, this is more fun than snowboarding out west (I find) feels very similar to powder snowboarding... love both wheels, had a bearing fail on an AT wheel after 30km, OB are sending me a new set.

Really the first review these are awesome!!

Easy to throw on and match the motors perfectly its basically just all the way back to have the belts at perfect tightness. They grip fairly well at fast speeds and very soft on sidewalks. In rougher terrain advise some caution like with all wheels. no problems using the grass with these if needed I think these wheels are certainly worth trying!

Highly recommended seller

Awesome product and second to none service. Can’t recommend enough everything was absolutely on point from beginning to end. Sally from customer service was amazing to deal with as I had a few reservations in regards to the postage as I’ve never had a good experience with Aramex. This experience was however was perfect and I had my products earlier than anticipated. Keep up the fantastic work and I’ll definitely be back! Thank you!!

Crazy machine

Been looking for awhile.. found this board and all i have to say that is amazing et crazy fast.. rode it a few time already and i can say it’s a long range board.. more that enough for me! It took a couple ride to adjust the stiffness of the bushings.. as I’m 215lbs and the board was too soft for high speed.. (wobble) now can’t wait to try other kind of wheel..

Add some lights for night ride and it’s awesome

Definitely a nice board

I'm a 58 year old geezer re-living my skateboard youth -- without all the huffing and puffing. This is the second electric skateboard I've owned. The other board (from a different brand) was a carbon fiber, DKP with direct drive.

It took several long rides for me a make the adjustment because this board has very different handling characteristics. The acceleration and braking are much stronger, and the speed is off the charts. And I'm kind of scared to try the "pro" mode because level 3 is still trying it's best to throw me --- haven't fallen yet, though. Moreover, the handling is remarkably stable, and I find myself at speeds I wouldn't ordinarily cruise at.

Also, I'm six foot, 205 lbs and the board doesn't seem to have any problem handling my weight.

Now to be totally honest, I really miss the peace and quiet of my old board's direct drive, and I really wish Ownboard made a direct drive version because there is no drive train vibration and the silence makes it easy to go Zen when I'm riding --- anything above 20 mph and it does start to get loud.

I know that going direct direct creates it's own issues because in order to manufacture one that is sturdy enough to handle my weight would require a thicker axle which means bigger bearings that won't fit today's wheels (or motors..?).

But I think that if Ownboard were to lead the way with a direct drive that had motors and wheels that could handle a thick axle, it would open up an exclusive market that, currently, is not being exploited, which is a sturdy board that caters to the heavier American rider.

Otherwise, I love the board. Great job Ownboard!

Great AT starter board

Just wish it used same charger as zeus pro

Great Boards!

My son and I bought a Bamboo Pro and a Zeus Pro respectfully to ride all around town together. Both boards are fantastic... Fast, stable and good build quality all at a great price. We love em!

Ownboard mini belt board

Great board! So happy I opted for the bigger battery, I love the range and it goes crazy fast! There’s like almost no belt drag and it’s quieter than traditional belt powered boards, 10/10!!

Belt drive motor kit is pretty good

This kit is a great starter if you want to switch from hub motor to belt drive. Is is a bit expensive but overall pretty worth it

dead battery

I've had my board for about a year and had no problems with it. I had to stop riding for 1 month and when I tried to turn it on and charge it, it completely died! I'm so sad and completely devastated. So with that being said, I give 4 stars.

My Zeus Pro

I’ve been skating since the 70’s and over the last 5-6 years have been riding mostly Esk8 boards . I’ve owned a number of different brands from OG boosted to recent lacroix boards and feel I’ve owned enough variations to offer an accurate honest opinion.
I’ve now done around 50 miles on my Zeus Pro and I can safely say it’s a great board and awesome value. I went for the 2 in 1 3k Carbon finish as I had heard that the Forge Carbon version had some issues with finish but I think this was just one batch and therefore I would hesitant to by a forged version if I bought again . The trucks,bearings and and overall fit / finish are very good . Performance is great and it’s super stable at the higher end speeds ,good brakes with a smooth power delivery . I had wondered if the TKP trucks would be not so great for carving but they perform fantastically. I went for the better known P42 cells and the battery gives great range and very minimal sag .The only one small issue I had was a couple of the bash bar rod threads were not so great but I contacted Ownboard via WhatsApp and as per usual they replied within hours and agreed to replace the parts in question without any issues. So overall I’m very happy with the board and service they offer .
If your on the fence don’t delay ,just get one .

First Eskate

Everything about this board is amazing. Battery life, looks, stability, and customer service has been really good. If you’re on the fence about this board, I would 10/10 recommend purchasing it.


Really good service, In q few days I ve received my lights. All perfect

Perfect Everyday board !

The Zues Pro is great. Excellent speed and power plus I'm getting awesome range with the P42A. This board was is totally worth it.

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