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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Awesome board

Everything about this board is great. The whole board is very high quality and comes with all sorts of cool accessories. Ownbord really stepped it up for the W1S and that is apparent through the quality and aesthetics. I have a Meepo v2 and I don't think I will be using that for awhile now that I got this. Shipping to US is very fast and took only 5 days to ship from the warehouse in Oregon to the East Coast. I have heard concerns about the reply time, but keep in mind they are 13 hours ahead and very busy, so just be a little open minded and patient. I am very happy with this board and Ownboard definitely deserves more recognition than it's currently getting.

Perfect length xt60 cables

You definitely need these cables if you want to do deck swipe with out destroying the original board.

Best Parts ever

I ordered the set, and it's just perfect! the parts arrived after 3 weeks in Austria and everything fits together great! I already ordered 3 boards - all top !!!

Ownboard Mini

Absolute amazing board, I’m completely obsessed with it, have had nothing wrong with it great speed and feels very solid great product everyone go buy one!

Loving my Ownboard

I purchased the US version of the W1S and received it in less a week. I already owned a Ownboard mini and wanted a second board so I could invite friends to come ride with me. I couldn't be happier. I'm a big guy at 250+lbs and I get between 6-7 miles range averaging 15mph on fairly hilly trails using the 6ah 30q pack. I can easily stretch the range further if I ride slow but I enjoy going fast.


This is an awesome board, so fast


Excellent product for the price .


The board is just amazing, so fast and with the samsung 6.0, you have no range problem.

The only "bad" point is the weight, but you will use to.
(An other bad point is delivery time to Europe, like in france in my case : 1 month.....)

Very well

The package has arrived intact.
Inside, everything is fine.
Skate works great, it's connected right away.
It's just a bomb!

good price and quality

bought this board last month and i really like it. The board has great control with fast speed. The break works very sensitive. Thats really good for the beginner.
The battery also works pretty good. High quality product. I will definitely recommend this board to my friends.

A board for adults that won’t break the bank

I’m 5 foot 8 and weigh 180 lbs. and this board has no problem getting me around. On the low speed on a flat surface I can get to speeds of 12-45 kmh which is plenty fast. Even though blitzart says this board can go 45 kmh I was not able to reach that top speed. I could only get a top speed of 43 kmh on a flare surface which can be scary if you have never rode an electric skateboard before .Also this thing climbs hill great even if you at a dead stop at the bottom of a hill. In all if your an adult and want a good electric skateboard but can afford a boosted board I would definitely give this board a try.

Testing my new Ownboard

Hi there, I tested my own board and it is perfect, like I expected.
Maybe a little bit to heavy.
Thanks & regards, Jaka!

Sanyo 10s2p Battery Purchase

Ordering process was smooth and quick, with very helpful customer service!

Great Board overall! (stoked)

Only issue is the bushings which I tightened allot and the board is still not so stable at high speed, gonna need to buy better ones..

Ownboard C1S Electric Skateboard

So much fun for the money :)

My stats:
44 years old.
5’ 6” tall and 126 pounds (175 centimeters and 157.15 kilograms).
So I wanted to wait a while before I did a review. About three weeks ago I got the Ownboard mini KT with the Samsung 6.0ah battery. Since then I’ve put 129 miles on it and couldn’t possibly be any happier. I have changed the bushings to a medium hardness orangutan nipple bushing in purple, and lowered the deck height by removing two of the three truck spacers. Please keep in mind that I am very light but when I ride this thing at it’s hardest claiming the steepest of hills I get 11 miles range and when I ride around casually at 7 to 10 mph I can achieve 21 miles range, both still leaving 20% battery capacity! Freaking unbelievably awesome!

Amazing for the price

This board can carry me (160 lbs) up a 15° hill at about 20 miles per hour on a full charge. It goes about 43 miles an hour, and is very strong. , for the price, this is an amazing board. I will make sure to keep updated on the board.

Very cheap
Good battery/range
Really sturdy
Strong motor
Brakes come in handy
Can ride without skateboard​ even on
Overall very lite weight

Amazing speed and acceleration

I love it, it is so fast and very responsive. the speed is very accreate and so is the range, it went beyond my expectations.
I can bet,
This is the most mature electric skateboard.

Modern man essential

I commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan with my new W1S 38inches Electric Skateboard and I must say it is chaning my perception on what convenience with power is. It's super confortable and pretty fast and safe.

I believe it will smooth thd ride at Brooklyn Bridge (wood plates)

great board

fast, faster then a boosted, and better range to

Awesome board

Awesome board! Carving back and forth feels like snowboarding. Fast and fun with great range.

Excellent board and responsive customer service.

I am a longtime boarder from surf to snow to skate, but have gotten out of shape lately. I tried a boosted board at a local shop and liked the idea of getting back out there. I did lots of online research and concluded that the all The terrain came setup would be best for the terrible road conditions and general lack of sidewalks in my home state of Hawaii. The board came fully assembled and after charging it, I was up and riding. Turns out the remote was missing a charging cable and also I used the existing factory charge for a couple rides while I awaited a replacement from Ownboard. Their customer service was quick and responsive and I got my replacement remote within a couple days. I LOVE my board and just wish there Were more hours in the day to ride it.

Love this thing!

package was delivered on time, 14 days from date of purchase to my front door. The board exceeded my expectations and has a ton of power. Had one issue with the replaceable PU coming loose from the sleeve, but within a week of contacting ownboards aftercare they shipped me out replacements at no additional charge. Great customer service. Thanks Ownboard!


I have just got my board. It took about 25 days to arrive to Uk(it was passing the customs about 2 weeks) but totally worth it. Just be patient if you are living in Eu. The quality of the board is brilliant. Looks and feels very reliable!
The thing what I would like to point out is the service.
All days when I was waiting for the board, guys from the ownboard kept in touch with me .