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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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King of the road

It’s a very powerful skateboard, heavy duty and best of the best.
Its a little bit heavy but it’s fine.

I wish you guys send me the new tire ( cloud wheelq )
Please send me a code .

Thanks onboard havent build my skateboard her but looking forward to

Great board, 100% happy!

Ownboard's customer service was excellent. The board itself is amazing. I love that the board is a bit wider so my feet feel like they have plenty of room.
I had to tighten the trucks quite a bit, but after that it was very stable and easy to ride.
It is very fast. I am 90kg and I get 29 km/h on the slow setting. I have gone up to 40 km/h but can go faster, if I was brave enough!

Board is quite stiff, which I like, but does make it a bit uncomfortable if you have to ride over bumpy road. But for me it is perfect.

Highly recommended.

Best Budget Belt Board

You wont get a board at this price with as many accessories as you get with the W2. The board has great range (better than Wowgo3x) and its very smooth.

-Only minor complain is i wish the deck had more Flex. The ride is very comfortable but with a more flexy deck it would be even better.

- My board had loose washers on the pulleys which was making a ringing sound when i took it out of the box. Took me a few times to take apart the pulleys to pinpoint which ones it was. I just removed all of them and the noise went away. The board is very quite for a belt drive board. When cruising it sounds almost as quite as a hub motor.

- The grip tape that comes with the board is bad. Yes its soft but its not very sticky. Mine was coming off after my second ride. Good thing they give you regular grip tape with the board which is much better quality. After i swapped the grip tape no more issues.

For those worried about the 3m belts, i have not had any issues with them. They work great and other owners can say the same. There is no sliding so you can rest assured that you wont have problems. Boosted boards use 3M as well if you were wondering.

My one recommendation for anyone looking to but this board is to swap the wheels. The stock wheels are good but not the best. I would get some Orangatang wheels ($50) and you will have one the best rides ever. The board feels like your surfing on a cloud. Carving is one of the best things to do on this board. I also swapped the bushings on the board as well to match my weight.

For the W3 Board- My recommendations for the board would be this.
- Stronger breaks please
-Dont use the foam grip tape since its bad quality
-please provide different bushings for riders of different weight
- A more flexy deck please
- Please design better enclosures. The board looks like a budget board due to the generic batter and ECS enclosures.

Thank You

Before I buy this, I have some questions!

Hi, I've enjoyed riding my MINI KT V1.0 board. I'm thinking of upgrading it with this kit and I have a question for you here.
1.Can I adjust this rubber tires, the motor and the ESC to my MINI? or is it only for the long board decks?(Because of the bigger size of tires, I wanna make sure if it would fit my MINI)
2. If i can use it for my MINI, how long would I wait for it to be released again?(Since it's sold out at the moment..)

Very good

It is stable and smooth at high speeds. The design is very nice, and the build quality is very good.

Ownboard W2 (38”) - Electric Skateboard with Dual Belt Motor

Great board that is perfect for college kids!

fast shipping, epic kit

First I ordered a W2 and loved it so much this time I got the kit to convert a spare deck I had.
The quality is awesome and the shipping speed was remarkably fast to where I live in regional Australia. (11 days vs the usual 30 days ).

Nice one ownboard!

Love the toy

I dont see a lot of people ordering the C1S. I'd like to say, I Absolutely love it. I plan to buy more thank you OWNBOARD 🔥🔥👍👍👍

It's a good board

Pleased with it thus far.

Soft and puncture free ride

Love these Wheels, they make the ride super soft. For me the ideal size for street and off-road! One small isue for me, i can't seem to get the bearings out of the wheel to clean or change them.

Brilliant board and a superb company

I absolutely love this board. It is so well made, such a great ride and it looks amazing as well. Ownboard are a great company to deal with, they are always fast to reply to emails and super friendly :) Thanks!

Good first board

Bird is good battery has lasted well when riding. I haven’t really tested the boards distance but at over 210 lbs I have a feeling I won’t be able to go the full distance lol. Reccomend for anyone looking to get into electric boards

Great experience

Ordered while pre-purchase. Received the board in about a month.
Board looks great riding experience is very smooth. I have an experience of riding carbon version and it is the reason why I bought this bamboo one as I wanted to try something new.
This is my first double kingpin board and it needs to get some adjusting with new bushings. Hopefully when new bushings are installed, the riding will be even better.
Recommend this board (bamboo and carbon)!

Great Board

Love this board, I ride it almost every day!

I have an ownbaord w1s> when I fist ought the board I got the samsung 4.0. I was wondering if it is possible to change it out with the Sonyo tesla battery

Remote controller

Arrived fast!!!
Works great!!!
Thanks guys!!!


The board took a little longer than expect but it was worth the wait. It is one of the best electric skateboards out there, for it not be really expensive the quality is amazing and on par with the $1000+ boards. I have been recommending many people to buy the board.

Cant buy separate parts

I tried to buy just the belt motor kit and the esc separate but once i purchased the belt motor i noticed they didnt sell the esc for the belt motor kit so now i cant use it because i dont have to esc for it:/

GREAT board, just a few nitpicky stuff.

I received my board back in the first week of September 2019.
Currently it is November 2019 and I have to say that I love this board.

- Comes with different wheel pulleys for Abec cores and Orangatang cores
- AMAZING battery life
- Comes with many bonuses (extra belts, wheels, screws, etc.)
- Good flex
- Not super loud for a belt-driven board

- No charging indicator for board
- Simple design
- Remote is very basic

One thing that is very personal to me has to deal one of my motor covers. One of the screw holes has no threading and therefore I can't actually screw anything in there. Another screw hold on the same motor cover came screwed in too tight and I am unable to remove it. The hexagonal head of the screw has been malformed and I am not able to remove it. When the time comes for a belt to break I will have to buy a new motor set from Ownboard to keep using the board.

Overall, my experience with the board has been great. If it were not for the motor cover issue, I would have given this 5 stars.

Ownboard bamboo AT

Really good board, maybe add a small screen on the controller to see the battery percentage of the board. Also sell fast chargers that would be a great.