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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Fantastic board

The build quality of the board is amazing, the carbon fibre and all black finish looks very sleek, I tightened the trucks a little as they were a bit loose for me as a beginner, other than that the board came fully charged and already paired, the manual was also very easy to understand. I was worried about getting shipping damages but it was well padded on all sides which was great. If I could go back I'd get the bamboo because the roads in my area are pretty rough, the inflatable tires do a good job but I think the bamboo would absorb more of the shocks.

Highly recommended!!

7” AT Wheel

Perfect AT wheel for my DIY and great price from Ownboard. I will definitely will buy another set for my next board. This is all around wheel and I like it better than the ICloud wheel.

The screws on the bottom of the board keeping getting loose and start to rust. First week into going onto the gravel stuff inside the board starts to rattle. I like the board but needs some adjustments

Good product

I like it because it can handle ruff roudes

It’s good

It’s a lot of fun to ride but the battery doesn’t get a lot of range I can only get 10 miles before it dies

Ownboard eboard

My 12 year old son is really happy with the board. It arrived super fast and is everything he hoped for.

Solid board, lots of power, I'll probably be installing bindings but that's more of a personal comfort.

Cloud 9 under your feet

Best setup for this board. Best decision made

Ownboard Replaceable PU Motor(2 Pcs / 1 Pair)

good balance but not for racing

The esc is well programmed but lacks when it comes to efficiency. The max riding speed of my board was reduced and as soon as the battery gets lower it reduces the mac speed. That seems like a good idea for extending the range due to more efficiency. In the Testing the Range stayed the same to the old esc which lets me wonder the purpose of the programmatic. Also I feel more Batterysack then with the old esc. Remote is nice and works really well. (Context: I changed the esc from my verreal rs to this one)

Good skateboard,a bit too flexy,but great board ! Full of power and cool price!

Superb board!

This is my second ownboard, the first one was great quality but wasn't as comfortable as I would have liked with the 90mm put wheels. This board is very close to perfection, the larger cloud wheels, the flex deck, the acceleration and strong brakes, and the range are all spot on! As someone else said this board is no joke and will not disappoint.

Awesome Board

Quick Background, I am 54 years old, just started skating this past summer, I own a Meepo V3 and a Vestar City SUV... I decided I wanted to add another board that was unique, the V3 is great, speedy carving machine and the Vestar is belt drive AT that I can change out the wheels. The Ownboard fits somewhere in between and I love it! I love hub motors and these did not disappoint! The 105mm wheels are a great addition as they roll over cracks and gravel pretty effortlessly. The motors ride quite and give some nice torque as well. The board has a slight drop down which is great for knowing foot placement. I have not been able to fully test the range yet but from what I can tell it has plenty of range and pretty sure that it will go at least 20miles. Of course with the large battery comes the trade off of weight, it is heavy but I would expect that with amount of battery it has. In terms of speed I have gotten to 21/mph on level 2, thats max speed for me, but suspect it has more to get up into the high 20's on the highest setting. As several reviewers have posted make sure you tighten the bushings down as far as you can, the double king pin trucks are extremely responsive and can feel a little out of control until you tighten them down completely and then it felt great, you make can super tight turns even with them tightend down. lastly I love the remote, feels good in the hand, just be careful, the speed level adjustment button is on the front so you tap it by mistake if not careful (level1,2,3) Lastly I am curious about the wheels and the ability to change the sleeves on the back, I took off the cover and the it appears that they can be replaced, but not sure if Ownboard has the sleeves available. In summary, I love this board, it fills a really great niche of riding, it is not an off-road board it is more like a semi-off road, for true off road you really need a 6 in+ wheel for that. I love this board alot and cant wait for summer to really go all out. Thanks Ownboard!

Free Ship Ownboard Kit [Without Deck]

The best possible

Amazing product. I have never had their belted boards, but the hub wheel motors are indestructible and so fast, smooth, and amazing. I have ridden in rain and wet. Once it got very wet and started flashing but as soon as it dried out, operation went back to normal. Amazing product. I am heavy and ride up hills etc. Can't believe these are under 500$. Crazy. This should be an 1,800$ product.

This is a problem then. I have not received any such skateboard. Please call me or let me know where you sent it. I have sent 3 emails to you guys asking where is my skateboard. Would like to know what address you sent it to and when it was sent. My number is 720 329 5858. Please respond to me

Bash Guard Kit

As advertised

Great customer support so far. Used express shipping, I emailed Ownboard to figure out when the board would arrive. I got an instant reply. This board is not a toy, its exceeded my expectations so far, I've had it for a month now. The board is fast and the range has been awesome. Comes with extra screws and tools. The bigger wheels handle sidewalk cracks and pine needles with ease. I'm 230lbs and it has no problem accelerating up hill with me on it. Very pleased.

Amazing board for the price

I was shocked at how well the acceleration and braking is. It rides very smooth and the battery last a long time for me.

Bash Gaurd


Good product

High tourqe for sure (dont try to ride full gas after brakes because youre going to fly) but little bit low speed but good for small builds and overall

Shipping tracker

I never received it. How can I track the order