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Ownboard mini KT

I received the board in good time and it runs amazing! The only problem is that during shipping, the deck split and it seems to be splitting more as I ride. I’ve contacted customer service about it and I’m waiting for a response.

Love it!!!

The board runs so smooth and has amazing acceleration. So glad I made this purchase!


Can I buy deck without handle?

Hi, which deck do you want buy? I will check it for you .

Ownboard W2

Perfect and very good quality for this E-skate. The first ride was magic!

still happy

Hi everyone, it's been months since I got my board and still very happy with it. I ride everyday and believe me I ride it hard
and it rides just as beautifully as it did the day I took it out of the box.
I'm now considering getting the carbon AT "40. Ride safe!

Great board but the 1 x rear LED light is missing from the box

This is a great longboard. I have the KT1 as well but too scared to ride it fast. The W2 is awesome! I like the flex of the board, speed and handles great. It should have been 5 STARS, but the LED light was missing and I was told ( too bad). See picture of email.

I got what I wanted!

I ordered this board the same day I broke the original in half (I was showing off and it wouldn't have broken if I wasn't dumb)
This new board is just as good as the original. It comes with adhesive grip tape for the deck after installation. This is where the fun starts.
There were two grip tape, one was a rectangle with a regular texture. The other had an Extreme grip that was already cut in the shape of the board. The problem there is that it had two layers and the second layer peeled off the first layer instantly, I didn't even get to ride it.

So in the end, I got exactly what I expected.

-Perfect deck replacement
-Grip tape included
-Installation was typical

-Secondary grip tape is not useable

First time rider and I love it

I'm 41 and decided to get an electric longboard to cruise around town and commute to work. The Ownboard C1S has been amazing. It was easy to learn on and has been so much fun to ride.

Great wheels

My teenage son bought a board last year. He LOVES it. It’s his primary mode of transportation in the summer/fall. It has been very reliable. Fantastic product!


Hi. Which belts are you useing? And can I buy them on this page?

We have belts in stock. You can get belts from us.You can contact our online customer service or email us for more details, you will get more direct communication and more help, thank you.
my new ownboard

This is the first e-board I've ever had, and I loved it. Unfortunately, it was stolen soon after I bought it. I live on the streets in austin texas and it's very hard to hold on to anything of value. Still, I loved it so much I'm going to buy another one.

So much fun

Nice board, looks smart and runs good!

Great boards

These are the best boards for the money, they go faster and longer that the Boosted boards well worth the money, for hours of ride time and quick charges. Would purchase again.

Ownboard C1S (35.4") - Electric Skateboard


My grandson love it, he is very happy

Rolls Like new

Holds Up for almost 1000 kilometers :)!


will 110mm wheels fit using the same trucks?

Ownboard Mini KT

This board has been a blast so far! Great range, and has held up to daily riding. Impressed with the quality of this product for the price!

possibly the best budget board you can buy

First, about Ownboard company, I was asking a few questions on messenger and Ownboard team surprised me with amazing customer support. They sent me the package a week later from my order and it was in Slovakia from China within 12 days. Every question I had they were very polite, replied me with best effort basis.

About the W2, longboard is well made, the thick grip on one side absorbs better cracks and worse terrain roads, deck is flexing better than I expected. I rode 16 km yesterday and battery shows 74% afterwards. Overall I would not hesitate to order this board again. Best buy 2019.

great board for the price 4 and half stars

ive had it for a day 40 mi already it chargers insanely fast but i would say the deck is amazing its just enough flex to not feel unstable but just enough to absorb bumps i love it the acceleration is smooth but insanely fast so is braking the range i got i weigh 125 lb i got 15 mi on 2nd mode with 35 percent battery remaining compared to the meepo its way better in a drag race it smokes it top speed and acceleration but ride quality is flat out better on the w2 i absolutely recommend it the only reason i gave it four stars was because the remote the current one is not bad at all but i would love to see a screen with a lifetime odometer a current speed and est range thats it great job from ownboard

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Good Fun

After debating whether to buy an esk8 for years but was never able to justify the outrageous prices that they charge over here in Australia. Finally saw someone post a very good review about the W2 and I was set, I would finally join the world of esk8'ing and purchase a W2 (for those ordering from Australia, be patient as shipping from china isn't overnight).

Had the board for a week now and love it. Started very shakily in the slow mode, but after a few days riding for 1 hour so a day, you gain confidence and just learn where to stand, where to distribute your weight when going uphill/downhill/approaching a crack etc and now I sit in the 2nd mode all the time (to save battery and I don't need to go 40km/h in the 3rd mode). Board has plenty of power to go up pretty steep hills, so it is perfect for me and my 11.5km commute to work (Av speed 14km/h @ 86kg and arrive at destination with 65-71% charge left - early days though). If you are commuting anywhere with pavement that has the join cracks every 1 meter or so, definitely go with the 90mm wheels as they handle cracks and unexpected rocks and stick much better than the 83mm (although the 83mm aren't bad), I'd say 97mm would be the largest you'd ever need to go and it is perfect that the W2 can handle up to 97mm wheels without any modifications, so that's a bonus.

All in all, I am very happy with my W2 and it has given me a fun new way to commute around vs the dull drive and traffic or public transport options.

Don't hesitate, just buy!

This board definitely exceeded my expectations. I love this board! You will not regret buying this, just regret waiting to do so. I live in Colorado and it took a little less than 2 weeks to get to me.

Faster delivery than before.

I’m very satisfied since this time it took less time to arrive how it’s still can be improved