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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Awesome wheels that look great!

Just received my wheels from ownboard and I'm loving the transformation so far

Most Comfortable Board On The Market

This is the best board both range and comfort wise for the price. This board is 200-400$ cheaper than other boards at this quality from other brands for less performance. The only thing is the Remote is a bit outdated but that doesn’t really matter as you don’t look at it while riding.

I recently had my board burned from a fire and knew exactly what board to get. Would definitely recommend and you won’t regret

Simply put, the best board in the world!

This board is, simply put the best board in the world! It’s a tank! Fast, smooth, goes through pretty much anytime and just won’t break! I’m saving now to get a new one after 3 years of joy on my old one I thought it’s time to retire her. Thanks ownboard.

Have not received the board yet!!

Where is the thing? Please reverse charge if not going to deliver

2 months still haven’t received

Still haven’t received the items 2 months after ordering. They should’ve atleast given me a recommended seller closer to me instead of making me miss 2 months + of riding

4WD beats any hill

- Customer Service very responsive.
- 4WD climbs %60 inclines
- Acceleration is 20 feet in 2 seconds.
- Battery lasts for 30 miles

6 inch tube

No holes and no problems installing. Love my bored haven’t had any problems but wish they could have products in America so shipping is faster because I use my bored as a daily to get around town. So it did suck having to wait awhile because I needed new tubes for my bored but all around pretty good product.


The best, fastest and most trouble-free electric skates at the moment 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

Follow my Instagram @artemgolts

Best Long range 2 in 1

i ride a LOT of boards. its tough to get a long range 2 in 1 production board with long range, a solid deck with good concave thats not bulky and chunky. This seems to be the only one! and ownboard again has not disappointed. Trend setters!

Good as fuck man!!!!!

Fucken he'll is some good shit right here!!!!!

This board is GREAT!

I bought this board a year after it came out. I didn't see many reviews on it so I just bought off of specs. This board is everything I expected it to be and more! The deck is perfect with it's slight flex. The trucks are suuuuper stable, they battery lasts forever, and plenty of power for hills! I weigh about 180lbs and this board FLYS with me on it! I changed a couple things here and there, just because I like modifying things, but you don't have to! Leave it stock and you'll enjoy this board for years to come! Ride safe! 🤙💪

Ownboard Battery Pack For W1S Mini C1S W2 M1 W2 PRO

Great board

My delivery had an issue (I ordered the 100mm Boa Constrictor config but received instead the could wheel one) but the customer service was quick to respond and we found a solution.

I had the board for a week now and I can say that I'm just loving it. This is a blast to ride it. I had a lot of electric boards in the past 5 years but this is by far the one I enjoy the most riding at high speed. Good job guys

Just amazing!

Its been while that I was looking to buy the Zeus, eventually with the great offer I made my decision and have't regret it. Its powerfull skateboard that handles very well, recommended!


It looks so good yet packs so much

Quick delivery,

Super happy witch Board that was delivered - awesome ride :)

My new Zeus Bamboo Pro

Just had my first ride with my new Bamboo pro. It is such a stable and comfortable board to ride. The deck is rather flat, which is perfect for me since I ride long distances and it will not strain my legs so much. Really a perfect board well worth the money, and the range is amazing.

Amazing wheels and amazing skate

I love my Carbon Zeus Max AWD

It's a bulky longboard in a good way and handles great!

2A 42v Charger

Came as described

Really impressed.

This board is a blast , so comfortable, such a smooth ride with pneumatic wheels, mounted some shredlights, this thing is badass , it's my first long / AT board , been riding mini boards for years, for fun and they are my main tools for work ( nothing beats subway + mini boards in NYC ) but this thing is like riding on a Navigator or an Escalade compared to mini boards . I know its not supposed to be carried much , that's why comes w a handle you can install to roll on front wheels , but for the times that has to be carried a little, a tight strap as a handle right below the middle is an enormous help , allows you to pick it up easily vertically and makes a huge difference, I wish it came w it ( but haven't seen any boards w some like that , and i have checked every possible brand ) , anyway , I improvised a strap , and it works , temporarily till i figure how to do it right. I'm really impressed with the board , it's really comfortable , the bamboo deck is great , has lots of power , seems like it's very good quality and looks awesome.

Haven't received remote, no tracking info provided

I haven't gotten my remote. Please reach out to me and let me know what's going on with it.

Carbon Zeus Pro

I'm 73 and got back into skateboarding a year ago. Got the 936 Wh battery. Great board with two problems: (1) the board seems to "catch" during the last few feet of stopping and it tries to throw you off the front. (2) the range with the 6" honeycombs in 2nd gear is around 22 miles, thought it would be more - so will try the 165 CW range rovers. Other than that I love it, lots of power and good looking!

Ownboard carbone Zeus pro

Super planche je m amuse comme un enfant (livraison un peut longue pour la France)

Belt Drive Motor (1 Pcs)
Raymond Wrigley
Easy to get replacement motors for Zeus Pro

I have put thousands of kilometers on my Zeus Pro since 2022 and it came time to replace the motors due to aging bearings. Getting the new motors from Ownboard was easy and they shipped to my location in the United States very quickly. The new motors were an exact match and a straight bolt-in replacement. Thanks to Ownboard for giving my Zeus Pro more years of life.