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GREAT board but wheels upgrade is needed

I love this board: deck (flex), tracks (stable), battery (longlife) but green wheels (83mm) are OK only for flat asphalt but feels really bad (huge vibration, big noise, bad grip) on any kind of stones road (like attached) so I went for 90×62×78A. Should be much better - will let you know once I get them.

We are very happy with it.

6 month daily use review : 5 F*ckin STARS

This is my first E-board, but i've been practicing snowboard/longboard for quite a long time now. This board is just amazing! I use it everyday. Battery (6Ah) is still as good as new, still 40 km/h max speed, with little to no maintenance.
I've abused it all winter (molten snow, water, dirt, mud) and it's still functionning like a charm.
Only ONE problem: i've lost the little protective transparent plastic on the battery display...
And one other little down thing: the "cruiser type" deck is stiff... Like really stiff !

Exept that; this board is the real s*it, don't use it on fast mode if you are not a good accomplished skateboarder :)

Exceeding expectations

Let’s start with the only problem I’ve found so far one of the urethane covers for the rear wheels has a slight crack causing oscillations under 7mph, so once you’re moving this board is smooth and incredibly responsive, the Tesla batteries were absolutely worth it the range and speed is uncanny compared to some budget boards. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase here at ownboard.

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Great products!!!

Ordered parts and they arrived safe. Win win. Thank you.


Is there a chance that we could get white option for the 90*54MM wheels. Im just asking because i think white wheels look absolutely delightful.

Dear, you can note it in your order, we can provide the 90*54 mm white wheels

Absolutely everything thing I expected and more.....

So close to perfection! but...

Awesome costomer supp! The board ist fast! And the qualtiti is GREAT!
It would be perfekt for me when it would be just a bit more bouncier,wider(so that my feets coud rest bit better, shoesize is 44 EU) and had more twork but this just the 10% left to an perfect board. I am pretty sure they will fix these really small things in the future:)
Love u guys! You have done an amazing job!

Great buy!

Great product, quick shipping👌👌

Best board ever!!!!

This thing is amazing ! My wife bought for me for surprise because she saw how much research I was doing and this board won in my opinion. When it came it above and beyond out performed my expectations! Kick tail awesome feature, usable too not just to stand board when done riding! Im 200 lbs and this board will easy do 20 plus mph! Brakes are on point. I can climb parking garage grade hills with it full speed about 12-15 mph still. Like I said.....INCREDIBLE! Couldn’t be more impressed and it’s only day 3!

Meepo 90 mm wheels on the ownboard

Today i recieved the meepo 90mm 78a wheels . The pulley fits nice and thight and the wheels fit without having to remove the belt protector. It rides a little better on rougher roads but most of all i felt saver to go at top speed. Torque is not really that different but it does take little more time to get up to speed but i got a nice top speed of 27 miles per hour weight a little over 80KG on my previous post (battery test W2 belt) it also should be 80 instead of 88KG. mode 2 gave me a steady 21 and even 22 sometimes.

Thank you for your feedback. now we upgrade the 90 mm wheels, then people can choose it.

I just got the board a couple of days ago, and from my first initial rides, I can definitely say I'm very impressed with the quality of this board. Nice smooth controlled acceleration and braking. Plus the deck is very flexible so you don't feel the bumps in the road too much. Great job OWNBOARD!

Love it even more than expected

The board arrived and has exceeded my expectations in every way. Its faster than I imagined, it looks better, the quality is excellent. I would have expected to pay twice the price for a board this good.

Fast delivery

Order was processed right away and got the delivery after a week.


First electric board after multiple longboard and cruisers, love it!

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard

Great product

Everything received well, works great. Love it

Best skateboard around!

I bought the mini KT stoked board for my very first e-skate. I did a lot of research to find the right brand of board before committing to the money. I am very satisfied with this board so far. It was really easy to learn how to use and I’m really impressed with how smooth the controls are when starting and braking. It’s heavier than I was expecting, but it makes sense with all the components it has and I find the weight actually helpful while learning. Im not much for long boards so I love the kick tail. It’s awesome for turning sharp corners around the city. The power is really something else, and climbing hills is no issue. I haven’t tried any other boards, but if you’re looking for a good beginner board to cruise the city streets, this will be more than suffice. I honestly can’t find a bad thing about it to say. It’s just the coolest thing I’ve ever ridden and i’m having a ton of fun ripping this thing around. It’s a beast.

Ownboard better than Wowgo!

Ownboard better than Wowgo
I have a WOWGO 2S, I really like it
Until I purchased OWNBOARD. I Love my W1S,I am riding W1S every day.

Ownboard better than Wowgo

I have a WOWGO 2S, but I later purchased W1S, I prefer W1S, I am riding W1S every day.

Amazing board

No problems at all fedex did take forever to get me my board I live in Florida. Other than that amazing board just a little heavier than expected

I love it!

I have been riding skateboard/longboard/snowboard/freebord.
This is my fist E-board, so I don't have much to compare with, in electric boards, But what I can say is that this was the most epic ride I got so far. Great handling, Great power from the hubmotors, and nice flex in the board. And the remote feels perfect, with smooth break, and throttle control.
I Love it. Big thanks Ownboard! <3

Perfect board

I think it’s perfect. The delivery was ok-fast, I live in europe and got it after 17 days or so.
Love to ride it. Been riding for a month and already driving +30 km/h.


Thank you "Ownboard" For kindness and availability!