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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Bamboo AT

I've put some miles on this board, it's been great. It's held up well so far. Has plenty of power, I don't use the 3rd setting. 2nd is really fast even up hills. I highly recommend this board, it is very stable up to 20mph after tightening the trucks. I'm afraid to go faster lol

Value for money

Everything is as promised. Great value for its money since it is half price from the others I was looking at.
+ Works properly, nice feel of carving, good battery and speed.
- Some more indicators would be helpful (for instance - how long will take the battery too be charged), the manual can be improved, better communication.

It's worth the wait

It's finally there! It's so much fun. Although I wasn't sure whether the board was still arriving (tracking number didn't show any updates, unmotivated customer service, etc.). The board is to much fun, already looking for the next to buy!

Very good board

very good board with parts of better quality than meepo. the only problem is the climb in the grass maus otherwise it is perfect. and it should have the percentage always indicate if you want my opinion

So happy with my purchase

I ordered the Ownboard W1S 38” electric skateboard & it arrived within a week to Melbourne, Aus. It is so easy to use, super fun & it even survived being submerged in water - which was an accident but it still works. Highly recommend this board 👍


Whats the flex like on this deck. Whats it made of?

Ownboard Bamboo AT is a Juggernaut!

This board is powerful, responsive, and a thrill to ride. Whether commuting or joy riding, every location offers something for this juggernaut to conquer!

Love it!!

I’ve only gone out for a ride 3 times since I got it two weeks ago. Took some time to get used to the acceleration, really strong. Lots of fun, still haven’t had the guts to go past 20 mph.

Have Not Received the Board

It's been 41 days and my FedEx shipping has not updated once. I have no idea when the board will be here.

40 days a still don’t have my board

The onboard reviews were great this is why I ordered the board. On the website it says 30 to 35 days before the board will arrive. It has been 40 days and it is still not showing as even in the United States. Very frustrated I hope the board shows up someday. No one can tell me where this board is that not even FedEx who has the tracking number.

It came leaking

It came with black goo leaking all over the board...

Delivery times

The skateboard is perfect, it is one of the best things I have bought, but their delivery times are really suck, they are in LA not in China, it took almost two months for the skateboard to arrive.

It’s a smooth controller that has an excellent acceleration curve. Remote is well constructed. For improvement i would recommend allowing the esc to kick start the board. Also battery in the remote doesn’t hold up charge very well. Would be nice for a way to change the battery.

Thank you

Belt motor pulley

Nice and good quality..

Great board however i do have small complaints

Less than a year into ownership my remote failed, for a while the board would randomly kick while accelerating. I believe this is because of the bad remote.
Also the bushings that come with the board are awful, made the deck feel very unstable i recommend anyone that buys this to also pick up some bushings from evolve, with the new bushings i can ride my board at full speed with no wobbles ( on cloudwheels)

belt covers

Great product perfect fit . Quick shipping. just wish there was some protection to stop from scratching them when I lift my board

UPS Lost it

Service from ownboard was good but UPS lost the board and they can't ship another because of brexit (even though I'm not based in the UK). Awaiting refund.

Haven't receive my parcel yet

I haven't received my package yet, the wrong tracking number has been sent to me, or my package has been delivered to the wrong person.having sent two different emails regarding these tracking numbers, I received no responses from the team, just two digital updates of the tracking numbers.

Still don’t have it

Been waiting 40 days, still don’t have it…I know the board is great but patience is key

Great experience, I've got everything I need

Very happy with this experience as it took 10 days to arrive in London. a lot of accessories and little parts that were essential to turn my longboard into electric. I went quite DIY with it and at the moment after 375km and 27 rides I am pretty satisfied with my board which performs well. Only hiccup so far is the remote control. Basically the reverse switch has become a bit stiff to flick back and forth but to me that's not that big of a deal as I hardly use that switch anyway. Thank you to the Ownboard team!

Never received my item

Ownboard policy ? I don't understand why is so complicated to get an item from you.
My last remote have the charger plug unsolder so I need a new one, still waiting ... Good luck esk8ters

I dont have my order

I pay two skate mini kt and

I didn't get the package

Ownboard W2 PRO

Well I must say this board is fast and powerful and has a long lasting battery and great speed..I’m 215 pounds and I drive around all day and the battery always is charged..
Shipping took a little longer than I expected but was well worth the wait I think I’m gonna buy another one thanks I’m bored I have three of your boards ..Thank you....