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Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials

Great Ownboard Electric Skateboard Reviews / Feedback / Testimonials, Received From Satisfied Customers All Over The World.

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Fits my M1

Bought 4 pcs of Cloudwheels 105mm for my M1 mini and they fit without any modification. Makes the acceleration from zero a little slower and I would'n push them too hard on steep hills maybe but makes the ride a lot smoother and I like them very much.

Ownboard W1S (38”) - Electric Skateboard|Dual Hub Motor | Best for Beginner

Bent bolt

Kingpin bolt bent and moved out of socket, causing serious injury.

easy to install

Da cagarsi addosso

Spedizione nei tempi indicati, tutto arrivato in ottime condizioni, lo skate va davvero veloce
Unica pecca, consiglio di cambiare i gommini dei truck con quelli più duri

Not arrived

I have not received anything yet and it’s been about 41 days


I requested Ownboard Mini KT (30 ") but due to a stock incident I ended up taking the CS1 ... It is a shame the attention you have in customer service, I think the next electric skateboard will know it.

Perfektly happy

Delivery on point
Board as promised
No complaints

Great board

As my first all terrain board its really great.

Looking forward to having my new W2 pro!

Its been 40 days, and I have not received my board yet! I reach out to Ownboard and they say it may take 60 days before I receive my board 😕 You guys need a distributor in the states!!!

awesome board

best cost benefit board on the market, this my second one and totally recommended

Board is great so far no issues. Shipping takes a long time. 😊. Happy with purchase.


Great Board, great customer support.

Haven't received it yet

I haven't received the board. I get some updates, but no board as of yet

Board review.

Awesome product! I use it as a golf cart for Disc golf in the park. It is so much fun that after 18 holes are done, I just ride it around the whole park. 21kph on the grass is no problem. I have used it twice as a shuttle when I kayak. The first return trip to my house and vehicle was 14 miles with hills to climb and I had 10% battery left of a four bar charge. The second trip was only 7 miles but I had plenty of charge left for disc golf and park surfing. I highly recommend that if you want one to get one. I would save money for a year or more if I had to. It makes my world a better place.

6368 Motor Mount by CNC (2 Pcs of 1 Set)

Own board w2 38”

This board is great, even better than I thought it would be. Easy to use and the battery last a long time.

So far so good

Works good and has enough power for a 220lb guy, even in off-road terrain. Thanks ownboard

The board is great

Lovely board, problem with remote control from the beginning

I have a bad review I’m un patient

I am doing another review due to it coming so soon unlike other companies I I’m just un patient and it is coming tomorrow and I I will be doing a review on you and reports and new updates on the board